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5 Dermatologists You Need To Follow On TikTok

TikTok has given us viral dance challenges, Amazon product phenomenons, and niche fashion trends, but the app’s virtues aren’t limited to the Gen Z crowd. Dermatologists have gotten wind of TikTok’s ever-growing popularity — and now, instead of limiting their reactions and opinions to their office appointments, they’re sharing their takes with us from their front-facing iPhone cameras.

Watching dermatologists take over TikTok is exciting for more than just the entertainment value: Not everyone can afford regular maintenance appointments, and while you should always seek expert advice for serious skin concerns, getting a virtual education can democratise access to professionals and give everyone a chance to up their skincare knowledge. To help you navigate the endless stream of videos and accounts online, we’ve rounded up the five top dermatologists you should take a look at on TikTok.

Dr Muneeb Shah (@dermdoctor)
Considering he has a whopping three million followers to date, there’s a good chance you’ve seen Dr Shah’s reaction videos and product suggestions pop up on your “For You” page once or twice. The dermatology resident physician uses TikTok to cover everything from the dos and don’ts of at-home remedies to hair loss and why your go-to drugstore cleanser might not be clearing up your acne.

Dr Camille Howard-Verovic (@dermbeautydoc)
Board-certified dermatologist and GIRL + HAIR founder Dr Howard keeps it real on her TikTok, where she gives insight into her personal experiences with things like retinoids and injectable lip fillers, reviews some of the buzziest products on the market, and debunks viral DIY beauty “secrets.” Not to mention, have you seen her skin?

Dr Joyce Park (@teawithmd)
The mystery behind what happens when you use Rogaine, the best shampoos to fight dandruff, and five tips to get you glowing skin are all explained on this Stanford- and NYU-trained dermatologist’s page. Dr. Park’s simplified morning routine (it’s less than five steps) and reaction videos to bogus product claims can give you the resources you need to build the right routine for your skin.

Dr Suchismita Paul (@derm4brownskin)

If you swear you can feel your wallet aching from the sheer number of products you’ve been buying, Harvard-educated derm Dr Paul is the go-to source for suggestions to help your skin and your budget. If you aren’t sure what sunscreens you should use for brown skin, or you’re struggling to understand the world of mixing retinoids, then take some time to scroll through Dr. Paul’s feed (and watch for cameos from her adorable daughter).

Dr Lindsey Zubritsky (@dermguru)

Want to know how to get plumper skin instantly, or whether that viral carbonated clay mask is worth adding to your Amazon cart? Dr Zubritsky offers her take on the best drugstore picks, the perfect nighttime regimen, and the products dermatologists will never put on their own skin. Don’t miss her no-holds-barred reviews of TikTok skin-care routines, too.

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