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5 Moisturiser Myths To Stop Believing Right Now

When was the last time you really gave your skincare routine an overhaul? You might switch in a new product here and there but many of us are still carrying out the same routine from our teenage years. Your skin type can change, what you want to improve about your skin will likely change, and what it will take for your skin to get there will certainly change, yet so many of us are stuck on autopilot.

Moisturiser is a great example of this. Many of us use the same one for years on end regardless of skin concern, whether that’s pigmentation, dehydration or dullness. Despite being a skincare routine staple, moisturiser is chronically misunderstood and overlooked. In reality, the right one can be a powerhouse for skin health and deliver on so many fronts. With the right active ingredients to give you targeted skin-brightening results alongside essential hydration, it can be a multi-benefit step that puts in overtime for your skin. From cutting-edge peptides to soothing botanical blends, there’s plenty of extras that can turbo-charge your moisturiser to the next level.

Ready for some moisturising myth-busting? Here’s what you need to know…

Myth #1: A Short Ingredient List Is Always Better

This is oft-repeated but interestingly, not true. “This is false,” said aesthetic doctor Sarah Tonks. “A short ingredient list might sound appealing but in reality, it might mean that the product doesn’t have everything it needs to really maximise its own benefits.” By choosing a moisturiser based on this metric, you could be missing out on bonus active ingredients or ingredients needed to keep the formula potent and effective. Also, you’re not making the most of your own time. Dr Tonks said: “Some products with a short ingredients list will only have one active ingredient, which is not going to maximise your effort in the time it takes to apply it!” It’s simply not true that a long ingredients list is suspect or will be less active – if anything, it could be the opposite.

Myth #2: Always Look For Collagen As An Ingredient

Given that it makes the skin plump, bouncy and supple, you definitely want collagen in your skin – but you don’t need it in your skincare. “Collagen molecules are too large to penetrate the skin so there’s no point looking for it as an ingredient,” confirmed Dr Tonks. Instead, if you want the dew-boosting effects of collagen, you need to look for peptides. “Peptides are great. They act as messengers for the skin, triggering cells to produce new collagen or elastin, without which the skin would have less firmness and poorer texture,” explained Dr Tonks. Essentially, peptides have the power to tell your skin to make more of its own collagen. StriVectin SD Advanced PLUS Intensive Moisturizing Concentrate has copper tripeptides and a proprietary Marine Ferment extract to target 10 kinds of collagen to strengthen and support the skin. A collagen boost vastly improves skin texture and gives your complexion that firm, well-rested radiance that we all hope beauty sleep will bring.

StriVectin SD Advanced PLUS Intensive Moisturizing Concentrate, $, available at Strivectin

Myth #3: If Your Skin Is Oily, You Don’t Need A Moisturiser

You might think adding moisturiser will just make you greasier but that’s not necessarily the case, said Megan Felton, cofounder of skincare consultancy Lion/Ne. “If you’re oily, then it likely means that a non-comedogenic moisturiser is exactly what you need,” explained Felton (non-comedogenic means it won’t clog pores, FYI). Oily skin isn’t necessarily hydrated skin and it’s very possible – and very common – to be both oily and dehydrated. “When you deprive your skin of that nourishment, then your skin actually may even overcompensate to try to protect itself and produce more oil!” A good lightweight moisturiser could be a vital step in balancing your oil production and maintaining your skin health.

Myth #4: You Need To Use A Moisturiser For At Least Four Weeks Before Seeing Results

Good things come to those who wait but a good moisturiser shouldn’t keep you waiting too long. “Locking in moisture can happen immediately,” confirmed Felton. StriVectin SD Advanced PLUS Intensive Moisturizing Concentrate, for example, has been clinically proven to show visible results on fine lines in as little as two weeks. It has hyaluronic acid and sustainably sourced tucuma, cupuacu and murumuru butter, which are all fatty acid-rich plant extracts. This combination gives you instant radiance and hydration, while StriVectin’s patented form of niacin, called NIA-114™, helps to strengthen the skin barrier and supercharge the performance of the active peptides and antioxidants. That’s instant gratification and long-term benefits.

StriVectin SD Advanced PLUS Intensive Moisturizing Concentrate, $, available at Strivectin

Myth #5: Moisturisers Can Only Hydrate, They Can’t Address Other Skin Concerns

While hydration is a key function of any good moisturiser, that doesn’t mean you can’t look beyond it. A moisturiser which includes antioxidants to defend against pollution damage, vitamins to strengthen the skin barrier and active ingredients to support collagen synthesis is giving you so many more benefits than just feeling nice on the skin. Dr Tonks explained: “Providing a moisturiser has things like AHAs or peptides, it can do more than just hydrate. It could give you softer and smoother skin, restore hydration or lighten age spots.” Of course, hydration isn’t to be sniffed at – happy, hydrated skin reflects the light better, which improves radiance and dewiness – but with the right active ingredients, you can make that radiance last so much longer and look after your skin health holistically.

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