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A woman has divided the internet with her excessive SPF application

Is her method right or wrong? (Picture: @marrentreed)

Eat your breakfast, drink your water and put on your SPF.

Those are three key things to always remember.

While the the first two literally keep you alive, SPF protects you from the sun’s rays and keeps your skin safe.

By now, we should all be aware of the benefits of wearing SPF daily and most have made it a part of their daily routine.

However, it seems one woman has taken her SPF regimen to the next level.

TikTok user @marentreed has divided viewers after sharing a video of her SPF application.

In the clip, the licensed esthetician, places a generous amount of SPF into her hand. Her face is completely covered, making it appear like she has a face mask on.

There is so much excess that she places the remaining product on her hands and forearms.

‘I look crazy right now,’ she says as she works it into the skin.

She then rubs vigorously until the SPF has disappeared.

Those in the comments were in awe of the technique, with many comparing it to their SPF use and the relatively small amount people use.

‘That much would break me out so bad,’ wrote one viewer.

‘Now you know that was a little too much,’ said another.

Others wondered if they too should be using that much product.

To answer that very question, we sought the knowledge of Leyla Yusupova, a skin specialist working for the Chelsea Pharmacy Medical Clinic.

Leyla says that such a hefty amount of SPF is not needed.

‘When it comes to SPF, you only need a small amount to apply on your face, about half a teaspoon or even less,’ she tells

‘It all depends on consistency. Also, there are 2 different types of SPFs: physical and chemical. Physical you can apply straight away when you go out and chemical around 25- 30 mins before you leave.

‘You should apply SPF daily but not the way it’s done in this video. You apply it the same way you apply your face cream.

‘To summarise – this is a useless TikTok hack.’

Emma Coleman, dermatology and aesthetic RGN, agrees, and breaks down exactly how to apply your sunscreen ahead.

‘Use a blueberry sized amount to apply to the face, a pea sized amount to the neck,’ Emma recommends.

‘Avoid heavily covering eyes in sunscreen to avoid irritation. Covering eyelashes can affect vision and cause soreness as the product can get into the eyes. Instead lightly dot the product around the peri-ocular bone and blend outwards

‘Go over prominent areas such as cheekbones and nose again to ensure coverage once you’ve finished applying, rather than slathering on the SPF ax this can lead to blocked pores and comedone formation

‘Use a specifically designed product for the face which is light and easily absorbed.’


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