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Behind Your Ear Tattoos That Are Subtle & Look Amazing

When considering a tattoo, thinking about what you get is equally as important as where you get it. Sure, placement is subjective and totally up to your personal preference and style, but some spots tend to be more popular than others.

Behind the ear is a common area for ink, both dainty and bold, and it’s the perfect place to put a stamp you want to show off when your hair is tied up or keep hidden when worn down. The area is prime real estate, even amongst celebrities like Rihanna, Demi Lovato, and Selena Gomez, who all have ink in the spot.

If you’re thinking of the perfect place for your post-quarantine ink, allow the artwork ahead to convince you that behind the ear is a spot worth considering.

We guarantee you’re signing up for a lifelong marathon of compliments and head-turning when you get this gradient serpent.

Want something delicate? Opt for fine-line lavender stems.

This long-stemmed rose is proof you aren’t limited to super tiny styles behind your ear.

Don’t limit yourself to designs. Script lettering, like this beautiful “keep going” reminder, looks just as good behind the ear.

Of course, you also have the option to go bold with a trifecta of detailed designs.

Yes, we’re suckers for tiny sparkle tats, especially a cluster like this that looks super cute tucked behind a custom earscape.

Whether you want the word “baby” tatted or not, look into artists who have mastered single needle art (like Dr. Woo) for a super slim, dainty finish.

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