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Brits have become far more invested in skincare over the last decade, study shows

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People now spend around a quarter more than they did a decade ago on skincare – Photo by Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels

Say the words ‘hyaluronic acid’, ‘retinol’, and ‘vitamin C’ and you just might conjure up a Facebook ad for The Ordinary’s line on Cult Beauty.

The average beauty consumer is, these days, fairly well educated.

Most of us have heard of the popular skincare ingredients that dominate the beauty scene and know the rigmarole of what each does, along with how and when to use them.

The skincare industry has taken up scientific terminology and our vested interest means we’ve listened and learned.

It shows in how much we’re spending in this area too, as a study commissioned by shopping destination Centre:mk has revealed the average adult spends £400 a year on skin products.

This is nearly a quarter more than what it was a decade ago, so being smarter consumers seems to have made us simultaneously consume more as the market has expanded.

The study found people typically buy 36 products a year, which works out as roughly three every month.

Whether or not we’re getting through all that product is another question.

Kim Priest, a spokesperson for Centre:mk, said: ‘Skincare has certainly evolved over the years and there is so much more choice now.

‘Gone are the days of simply “cleanse, tone, moisturise” – there are products out there now to suit all skin types whether suffering from acne, wrinkles or dull and tired looking skin.’

Over half of adults believe skincare products have evolved over the years and now offer much more, even for the male market, in which men are averaging out on using three products a day, which is the same as women – attitudes to male grooming are shifting.

Those with environmental and animal concerns are also finding their needs are being better met through the products they buy.

Nearly a third say skincare products are more innovative today.

It’s not just about shopping through – people are averaging out on spending 22 minutes a week on watching skincare tutorial videos and 23 minutes watching skin hacks.

Once seen as less exciting, skincare is now just as captivating as makeup for many.

Hannah Martin, acclaimed celebrity makeup artist, says: ‘Skincare is possibly the most important yet underrated step of any makeup.

‘No matter how wonderful the makeup you have is, it will only look it’s optimal best if your skin has been prepped beforehand with the skincare that best suits your skin type.

‘You don’t need a complicated routine but a few skincare items can make all the difference.

‘I’ve seen many times in my career the difference good skincare can make both in the immediate effect but also with clients with specific concerns who’ve seen their skin transformed.’

Our love of creams, serums and toners is far from falling flat – it’s on the up.


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