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Duck nails are the latest divisive manicure trend

Are you ready for duck nails? (Picture: @iceymilli / @ourienailedit)

Quick, what do you think of duck nails?

No, these are not nails belonging to ducks, or a nice set decorated with teeny-tiny duck motifs, or even a spin-off of the Disney cartoon with the catchiest theme tune of all time, Ducktales.

Duck tales are flared nails.

You know, like flared jeans. They go outwards at the ends; the antithesis of the previous trend for skinny stiletto nails.

They’re also known as wide tips, fan tips, and Jersey nails, but as Allure has called them duck nails – and proclaimed they’re officially a trend – we shall do the same.

Duck nails aren’t what you’d usually call ‘pretty’.

They’re deliberately wide and awkward, in contrast to the usual dainty, pointy aesthetic we tend to prize when it comes to our nails.

As a result, it’s a divisive trend. Duck nails make a real statement. They’re not subtle, or elegant, or refined – they’re over-the-top, attention-grabbing, norm-defying.

And that’s not just down to the shape.

Big proponents of duck nails will combine the look with blinged-out nail art, complete with bold patterns, crystals, and chunky charms.

The trend is definitely not one to attempt at home.

It’d be more than a little tricky to grow out your nails in a flared shape, and because the style hasn’t gone fully mainstream just yet, you can’t just pick up a set of falsies from your nearest shop.

Instead, you’ll need to go to a salon with an understanding of duck nails, where a technician will apply pre-formed artificial nails that kick outwards to your natural nails, then paint, bejewel, and do whatever else you fancy.

And we do encourage those brave enough to try duck nails to go big or go home.

Pile on the colour, glitter, and absurd detailing.

Now is not the time to play it safe.


Credit: Original article published here.

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