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Everyone’s Googling These 5 Innovative Skincare Brands Right Now

From Typology to Starface, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to brilliant skincare but that hasn’t stopped us from sniffing out even more budding new brands to add to our repertoire. After all, if we’ve learned anything, it’s that finding the right skincare product requires lots of trial and error.

Head to Google and you’ll see exactly which brands skincare obsessives currently have their eye on. While they may all look different, one thing they have in common is efficacy. With dermatologist-approved ingredients like vitamin C for brightening, fruit enzymes for gentle exfoliation and retinol for minimising fine lines, pigmentation and acne scars, it’s not just about pretty packaging.

From Deviant to Wishful, click through to discover the up-and-coming skincare brands to stock up on, whatever your skin concern.

Wishful SkincareYou’ve no doubt spotted Wishful on Instagram already. Dreamed up by Huda Kattan aka Huda Beauty, each product has been created with a handful of skin bugbears in mind, such as acne and scarring, which Huda has always been open about dealing with on social media. The packaging may look playful but the expert formulas mean business.

Wishful Yo Glow Enzyme Scrub
If you find most face scrubs too harsh or gritty, try this. The exfoliating particles are super fine and gentle on the skin but it’s the fruit enzymes which do most of the heavy lifting. Together, they chip away at dead cells and make skin noticeably smoother.Wishful Yo Glow Enzyme Scrub

Wishful Clean Genie Cleansing Balm
This transforms from a thick balm to a lightweight milk on contact with water, melting away heavy foundation and waterproof mascara in one go. A little goes a long way. Wishful Clean Genie Cleansing Balm

Wishful Thirst Trap Mask
This is great for when your skin feels tight and dry. Star ingredients include glycerin (which locks in moisture), niacinamide (which also prevents moisture loss and minimises the appearance of pores) and sodium hyaluronate (a form of hyaluronic acid to boost hydration). Skin feels soft and plump afterwards.Wishful Thirst Trap Mask
Decree SkincareCreated by Dr Anita Sturnham, a GP specialising in dermatology and aesthetic treatments, Decree has fans in beauty editors, influencers and skin experts alike. Forget the fluff: this brand’s focus is on potent ingredients that actually make a difference.

Decree Day Shield SPF 30
This spray-on sunscreen is really easy to use. The main ingredients are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which makes it a mineral or physical SPF, so it reflects rather than absorbs UV rays. It’s light but the mineral formula means it does need to be rubbed in a little to avoid any white patches.Decree Day Shield SPF 30

Decree Peptide Veil
Peptide is a beauty buzzword at the moment. Essentially proteins, peptides build and repair skin and have been proven to boost collagen. In turn, skin looks and feels supple. The addition of squalane and hyaluronic acid makes this the ultimate moisturiser if your skin feels dry and taut, especially after cleansing.Decree Peptide Veil

Decree Treat Tincture
Don’t let the name confuse you. This is essentially a retinol serum to be used at night. The retinol is accompanied by hyaluronic acid and squalane to hydrate and moisturise as it transforms skin: the five-star reviews speak for themselves. SPF is a must during the day as retinol can make skin sensitive to sunlight.Decree Treat Tincture
Deviant SkincarePerhaps the most Instagram-worthy of the bunch, Deviant Skincare strips things back to basics. There are currently only three products in the line – a balm cleanser, exfoliating toner and a facial oil – but they shouldn’t be underestimated.

Deviant Skincare Cleansing Concentrate
This is a real pleasure to use. The rich yellow balm emulsifies when it hits water to become a light and airy cream, which dislodges makeup and oil fast. It doesn’t feel cloying and rinses away easily.Deviant Skincare Cleansing Concentrate

Deviant Skincare Gentle Resurfacing Liquid
This exfoliating toner combines the best of both worlds: AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) such as glycolic, mandelic and lactic acid) and BHA (beta hydroxy acid) salicylic acid. The former lifts off dead surface cells to make skin appear brighter and more even in tone, while the latter exfoliates deeper inside the pore to prevent blackheads. Swipe on in the evening after cleansing and follow with moisturiser. Be sure to wear SPF in the daytime, too, as acids can cause sensitivity.Deviant Skincare Gentle Resurfacing Liquid

Deviant Skincare Facial Oil
Facial oils aren’t for everyone, especially if you’re prone to breakouts, but this one is an easy way in. It absorbs quickly and features rosehip oil, which skin experts tout as a natural alternative to skin-smoothing retinol.Deviant Skincare Facial Oil
Dr. Levy SkincareSkin specialists and dermatologists have extolled the virtues of Dr. Levy Skincare for years but the clinic-based brand is currently surging in popularity once more, and for good reason. It’s also available on Cult Beauty, so is much more widely accessible.

Dr. Levy 3Deep Renewal Micro-Resurfacing Cleanser
Organic rice extracts make up the teeny tiny, physical exfoliating particles in this creamy cleanser, which also boasts glycolic and lactic acid for chemical exfoliation. Skin feels fresh but not stripped.Dr. Levy 3Deep Renewal Micro-Resurfacing Cleanser

Dr. Levy R3 Cell Matrix Mask
This face mask pretty much does it all. Vitamin C brightens, retinol unclogs pores and vitamin E provides a surge of moisture.Dr. Levy R3 Cell Matrix Mask

Dr. Levy Eye Booster Concentrate
It might be a little on the pricy side but this eye booster is seriously concentrated and the key is using it gradually, as the label suggests. Over time, retinol, hyaluronic acid and peptides (aka proteins) help make under-eye skin appear tighter and smoother.Dr. Levy Eye Booster Concentrate
EclatSkin LondonEclatSkin London prides itself on a dream team of ‘active’ ingredients. We’re talking vitamin C for brightening and shielding skin against pollution, and retinol for improving skin tone and texture. In other words, lab research has proven that these ingredients have the ability to make a change on the skin. The brand has all bases covered, with cleanser, eye treatments, serum and moisturiser.

EclatSkin London Rose Blossom Glow Facial Oil
The easiest way to achieve glowy makeup is to apply a facial oil before foundation or concealer. Filled to bursting with hyaluronic acid, this makes skin appear plump and pillowy, too.EclatSkin London Rose Blossom Glow Facial Oil

EclatSkin London Rose Blossom Glow Hydro-Gel Eye Pads
These are more of a luxury addition to a regular skincare routine. While they won’t transform your under-eye area permanently, they are hydrating and incredibly cooling.
EclatSkin London Rose Blossom Glow Hydro-Gel Eye Pads

EclatSkin London Vitamin C Bio Brightening Moisturiser
This moisturiser contains a potent form of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) to fend off pollution particles and make skin glow.

EclatSkin London Vitamin C Bio Brightening Moisturiser


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