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Eyelash curler hacks you can use in your beauty routine – that aren’t for your lashes

Thought eyelash curlers were just for your lashes? Think again.

The handy beauty tool has a plethora of different uses, alongside making eyelashes look fuller and more striking.

In fact, the instrument can be used as a stencil for creating shapes and for filling in various areas of your face.

So, if you struggle to create super-neat makeup looks, you might have had this tool sitting in your beauty arsenal the whole time.

Anything that can double up for a different function is always welcome in our make-up bags, from bronzer that can be used as eyeshadow to multipurpose balms – and now it seems the humble eyelash curler can join this resourceful beauty club.

Naturally, TikTok is home to many of these eyelash curler hacks – with user @beautypebykrislyn1 coming through with a number of creative ways to incorporate them into your routine.

We’ve rounded up some of the best below.

Prepare to be stunned.

To fill in your brows evenly

Anyone who isn’t blessed with naturally bushy brows – or those who have patchy companions – will know the struggle of trying to fill them in.

Trying to get them to match is problematic.

But, fear not, this is where your curler comes into play.

Simply take the instrument and use the straight side as a guide for the bottom of your eyebrows, then turn it on its side and use the curved edge for the arch.

Essentially, it works as a stencil for you to create the basic shape of a brow.

For winged liner

A precise winged flick takes practice, but even those who have been doing it for years can still find it difficult to perfect.

However, rather than wasting time attempting, wiping off and and attempting again, you can save minutes by using your curlers.

Simply place the curved edge at the top, just above your eyelash line, and fill it in – just how you would apply eyeliner. Then take the side and use the metal edge as a guide to create the base of the flick. Afterwards, move it slightly above to make the top flick and fill in.

TikTok user @beautypebykrislyn1 demonstrates how to do so in her handy video.

You might need to practice a few times to find the perfect positions for your eye shape – but then you’ll be good to go.

To make a cut crease

If you love a dramatic eye look, an eyelash curler can also be used to create an easy cut crease.

In her video, @beautypebykrislyn1 says to start with a big, fluffy brush and light eyeshadow. Then take a smaller fluffy brush and use a darker shade, but don’t blend as far up.

After, take an even smaller fluffy brush and blend that lighter shade further up.

Following this, simply pop on a shimmer in the empty space.

For the abstract eyeliner trend

If you’re a beauty fan, there’s no doubt you’ve seen the abstract eyeliner trend that’s been doing the rounds on TikTok and Instagram over recent months.

People have been experimenting with liquid liners and shadows to create amazing shapes.

If you don’t have a steady hand, you can use your eyelash curler as a stencil for creating these unique looks – and no need to worry about them being symmetrical, as the tool does the hard work for you.


To add definition to a brow arch

Eyelash curlers can also be used to create a more defined brow arch.

Simply pop the curved edge at the bottom – so that is covers the main section of your brow, the arch and the end. Then fill in above this curved line.

It’s as simple as that.


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