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I’ve Just Tried Some New Vegan Nail Polish—and I’m Seriously Impressed

I don’t want to toot my own horn but I have a specific beauty skill that I’m incredibly proud of. I can’t wax my own legs without crying out in pain (and yet I’ve been in labour) and I absolutely wouldn’t go anywhere near box hair dye but I can paint my nails really well. Yes, I love a proper mani like anyone but I’ve managed to hone this skill to such a degree that even beauty editors I’ve worked with think it’s salon-level. I might not be good at self-promotion in anything else, but on this I’m certain. So, you’ll indulge me then when I tell you that I’ve found some great nails varnishes, and even better they’re vegan.  Firstly, though, you’ll probably want to know what makes a nail varnish vegan. From my research, it means that vegan polish is free of any animal byproducts (you’d be surprised by how much there is in ‘normal’ varnish, you can see more about the ingredients here). For full disclosure here, I’ve included polishes that are vegan but some of the parent range may not be. 

So back to the varnish. I recently tried Nails Inc’s new vegan range and I’m so impressed by the vibrancy and depth of all the colours. From a hot pink to a deep navy blue as well as a dusky mushroom and a light pink, there are so many hues I’m impressed by. But thankfully there are lots more vegan polishes out there too, so I’ve rounded up some of my favourite brands below that are just as good.

Next up, the biggest summer 2020 fashion trends to know. 

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