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Kylie Jenner Reveals That Stormi Is “Launching A Secret Brand”

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Kylie Cosmetics is a family-run business, with Kylie Jenner designing the lip kits and momager Kris Jenner handling the brand management and optics. But now, we’re learning that Kylie’s three-year-old daughter Stormi will soon also play a starring role in the billion-dollar company — no, really.

In a new YouTube video executive produced by Michael D. Ratner and his OBB Pictures, Kylie gives her fans a behind-the-scenes peek into what it’s like to work for Kylie Cosmetics. Many women and working mothers hold leadership positions within the company, she explains, and the office even includes a playroom-turned-boardroom for little Stormi.

According to Kris — or “Lovey,” to her grandkids — Kylie sometimes works 18-hour days, but she always makes Stormi the priority. “Kylie comes to work with Stormi,” Kris Jenner explains, narrating over a video clip of Stormi toddling around Kylie Cosmetics HQ. “[She] loves it; she just absorbs it.”

More than just office play, Kylie says that Stormi actually uses her playroom like a boardroom. “Stormi has her own office where she gets all her business done,” Kylie says, deadpan. “She’s actually launching a secret brand soon that we’ve been working on for a while.”

While Kylie doesn’t divulge any more info about the forthcoming brand — our guess is a baby line under Stormi’s name — she does provide plenty of footage of three-year-old in the office seemingly having a ball with all the makeup. Call it privileged playtime, or a toddler entrepreneur in training. Kylie Cosmetics’ Chief Commercial Officer Megan Mildrew thinks the latter, offering her own prediction: “One day, we’ll all be working for Stormi, too.”


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