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‘Like a hair wash in a can, you may never need regular dry shampoo again’ – our verdict Living Proof’s latest spray

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You’re running late, it’s a busy morning – and there’s no time to wash and dry your hair.

Grabbing for a trusty can of dry shampoo, you spritz it in and quickly try to shake out the white bits.

The result is your hair looks somewhat less greasy, but it still feels grim and is in urgent need of a wash later.

This is how it used to be, at least.

But there’s a new spray that’s got the beauty world talking – Living Proof’s Advanced Clean Dry Shampoo.

So we decided to put it to the test.

My Celebrity Life –

The science-first hair brand already has a bestselling dry shampoo (which is the classic, regular kind) but then listened to customers who felt these products in general often ‘underdeliver’ on performance.

Most importantly, their hair didn’t feel any cleaner.

While no one can pretend a dry shampoo comes close to thoroughly cleansing hair under a shower, formulations can do better – and this is proof.

Designed to ‘deliver the benefits of a rinse-out shampoo, without the water’, it works by depositing absorbent powder into roots, then letting it sit for 30 seconds before using a brush or fingertips to get massaging in the powder.

As well as absorbing sweat, oil and odour, it controls sebum levels – meaning glands shouldn’t secrete quite as much oil during the day (until you can get your hair under some running water).

Even better, the blend has conditioning ingredients in too, so you’re not left with a dry scalp.

Living Proof’s own research shows people felt their hair looked and felt freshly shampooed.

We tested this sceptically when time was of the essence and it would have been ideal to cut washing and blow drying hair from the schedule.

After 30 to 60 seconds, not only did our hair look better, but it actually felt cleaner too.

No longer were we walking around with that itchy, uncomfortable feeling on our scalps, and our hair had a full 24 hours of wear before needing to be washed.

Even on darker hair, the white powder came out with a quick massage.

We’re impressed and think you will be too.


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