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Rosie HW’s Skincare Routine is worth a look

In the name of skincare research, I’ve swapped routines with everyone from Victoria Beckham to my 79-year-old grandma. (Yes, really.) But next on my routine rotation hit list has to be the one that I’m most excited about: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s. If I could physically swap skin with anyone, it might just be this lady. After all, who would pass up the chance to have a genuine supermodel complexion?

Now that I’m in my 30s, I pretty much have my skincare routine down, but between regular hormonal breakouts and a distinctly lacklustre complexion, I’m only too keen to try products that promise to restore glow and boost radiance. So when Rosie HW revealed her full daily skincare routine on Rose Inc., I had my shopping list at the ready.


Totalling £377, Rosie’s routine was surprisingly simple (for a product obsessive like me, anyway), so I couldn’t wait to see how my complexion responded to it. Comprised of 10 products in total—including a chic hair accessory that Rosie uses to keep her strands out of her face during cleansing—her picks focus on removing makeup, hydrating the skin and caring for her trademark pout.


In terms of Rosie’s skin type? “On a good day, I have just a couple of spots, and on a bad day, it can be a lot,” she explained. “I’ve always had a little bit of acne—it’s something I’m always trying to better, so I’m quite diligent about my skincare routine. But I have oily skin, and so that’s one thing I’m always trying to keep in check and use the right products to support that.” Yep—it certainly sounded like this skincare routine was going to be right up my street.


Keep scrolling to find out I got on after spending a week with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s skincare routine, and to shop her favourite products below.

Step #1: Tie Up Hair


Before we get into the actual skincare, the very first step in Rosie’s routine is to tie her hair back using a Slip Silk Scrunchie (£39). “They’re really great for me because regular hairbands crease my hair,” explained Rosie. I already have a ton of these in my hair-accessory stash because Rosie’s right—they don’t cause your hair to kink or snag like normal hair ties can do. I twisted my hair up into a Rosie-style bun in preparation for the rest of the routine.

My Celebrity Life – Slip The Desert Rose Collection Hair Scrunchies
Slip The Desert Rose Collection Hair Scrunchies

Step #2: Remove Eye Makeup


Getting started with the skincare, I was delighted that Rosie used one of my favourite French pharmacy staples to remove her eye makeup: Bioderma. “This is probably one of the most gentle eye makeup removers I have ever used,” said Rosie. “I actually learnt about this product backstage at a fashion show maybe 10 years ago.” I often use micellar water to remove my makeup before cleansing at the end of the day or as my morning cleanse, so I already knew I was a fan of this product. It’s fragrance-free, gentle, and removes all traces of makeup and grime from your skin without any tugging or pulling. For waterproof or stubborn makeup removal post–photo shoot, Rosie opts for coconut oil. “I always like to have a coconut oil in my bathroom because you can put it in the bath, you can put it in your hair. It’s just really great for removing makeup,” explained Rosie.

My Celebrity Life – Bioderma Sensibio H2O MakeUp Removing Micellar Solution
Bioderma Sensibio H2O Make-Up Removing Micellar Solution

My Celebrity Life – Kopari Organic Coconut Melt
Kopari Organic Coconut Melt

Step #3: Cleanse Face


Before going in with her full-on cleanse, Rosie runs her sink full of lukewarm water, soaks her face cloth (£30) and presses it into her skin. “It’s one of my favourite parts of my day—taking that minute to yourself,” said Rosie. This had to be one of my favourite takeaways from Rosie’s skincare routine. It’s such a simple (and totally free if you already have a face cloth) and lovely, relaxing moment in the skincare routine. I love that this has the added benefit of helping to open up the pores of my skin to allow the cleanser to penetrate more deeply. The IS Clinical Warming Honey Cleanser (£36) was a new addition to both mine and Rosie’s routines, and I’d heard great things about it for breakout-prone skin. “This is really great because it’s going to add a lot of hydration. It’s really gentle, and it’s good for problematic skin types like mine,” said Rosie. I was seriously impressed with this cleanser. For my morning cleanse, I applied it and then left it to sit on my skin for a couple of moments to warm up and get to work before adding some water and lathering it up. After removing with a warm face cloth, I was really pleased with how smooth and bright my complexion looked. Any active breakouts I had before seemed to be reduced in redness.

My Celebrity Life – Votary Pack of Five Cotton Face Cloths
Votary Pack of Five Cotton Face Cloths

My Celebrity Life – IS Clinical Warming Honey Cleanser
IS Clinical Warming Honey Cleanser


Step #4: Tone Skin


I couldn’t find the Santa Maria Novella rose water that Rosie actually uses anywhere, so I opted for a Neal’s Yard Remedies Rehydrating Rose Toner (£16) instead. Rosie soaks a cotton pad with the toner and sweeps it over her face “just to make sure that I’ve got off all of the cleanser.” While the rose toner smelt amazing and felt lovely and refreshing on the skin, I have to say that this is one of the skincare steps I wasn’t really fussed about. I usually opt for a salicylic acid–based toner or another chemical exfoliator to really treat my skin’s needs. And while rose water is hydrating, it didn’t really do anything for my skin.

My Celebrity Life – Neals Yard Remedies Rehydrating Rose Toner
Neal’s Yard Remedies Rehydrating Rose Toner

Step #5: Moisturise Lips


Before moisturising her skin, Rosie applies a generous amount of lip balm to hydrate her lips. Obviously, Rosie’s pout is something of a trademark, but as someone who usually applies lip balm as an afterthought when my lips are feeling completely parched, this was a revelation for me. “It’s great for dry lips, dry skin and dry cuticles, so I’m just going to add a little bit onto my lips while I apply the rest of my skincare,” said Rosie. Packed with hydrating lanolin, her lip balm of choice—the Lanolips 101 Ointment (£9)—smells fruity and provides really long-lasting moisture. It’s now become a permanent fixture in my beauty stash.

My Celebrity Life – Lanolips 101 Ointment Fruities Strawberry
Lanolips 101 Ointment Fruities Strawberry

Step #6: Brighten Skin


I apply a vitamin C serum every single morning but had never tried Rosie’s recommendation—the IS Clinical Super Serum Advance Plus (£126) “It’s packed full of vitamin C, which is obviously great for brightening,” explained Rosie. “I love serums, and I absolutely love them in the daytime as well. Moisturisers, for me, can be a bit heavy.” While it’s pricer than my usual serum of choice, having used it for over a week now, I can already notice an improvement in the appearance of acne scars and a more even skin tone where my complexion is free from blemishes. I think this one’s a keeper.

My Celebrity Life – IS Clinical Super Serum Advance Plus
IS Clinical Super Serum Advance Plus

Step #7: Apply Eye Cream


I’ve spoken before about how I’m just not that fussed about eye creams, but I’m always willing to give a new one a try—especially one Rosie is “absolutely obsessed” with: “I love this eye cream because it’s soft, gentle and very cooling—this is one my favourites.” The BareMinerals SkinLongevity Eye Treatment (£27) is basically what it says on the jar—a cross between a gel and a cream. Often, I’m put off by really rich eye creams that clog the pores around my eyes and cause my under-eyes to look puffier. This one, however, was so lightweight, and it sunk in quickly to calm and cool tired eyes.

My Celebrity Life – BareMinerals Skinlongevity Long Life Herb Eye Treatment
BareMinerals Skinlongevity Long Life Herb Eye Treatment

Step #8: Mist, Mist, Mist


The final step in Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s skincare routine comes in the form of a hydrating facial mist from Tata Harper (£82) “It’s obviously very hydrating, very cooling—it smells incredible, and it just sorts of set everything and makes you look really dewy and luminous,” said Rosie. I’m a big fan of face mists, but I usually only spritz them on when I remember, so I really enjoyed incorporating this as a final step in my skincare routine. Whether or not they do a huge amount for your skin can be debated, but it almost acts like a closing ceremony for your skincare routine (which I’m on board with).

Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence
Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence

All in all, I have to say I seriously enjoyed switching my usual skincare routine for Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s. Surprisingly, a lot of my skin concerns are the same as the supermodel’s (who knew?), so products like the warming cleanser and serum were perfect for my skin type. While I could skip things like the face mist and toner, a lot of these products will be making a permanent home in my bathroom.


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