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The 11 Best Room Sprays For a Better Night’s Sleep, Happier Mood, and More

The best rooms sprays fill the air, enveloping you in a cloud of scent. Pillow sprays do a good job of lulling you to sleep, but when it comes to room sprays, the aroma you choose depends on your mood (or rather, what you would like your mood to be), and this is where they come into their own.

Room sprays aren’t one-trick ponies; you can use them to shift how you feel whether you want to be invigorated or calmer, happier or more relaxed. And, as room sprays permeate the air, the scent is slightly more delicate than a pillow spray that sits proudly and loudly upon your pillow. I know one friend who misted her pillow with a lavender-scented spritz before bed, and it actually kept her awake. If that sounds like you, or you want a mist that does more than just lull you into the land of nod, may we introduce you to the 11 best room sprays that have a sensory mood-altering effect and that will leave your home smelling like a spa.

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