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The Inkey List Is Launching a Skin-Care-Inspired Hair and Scalp Care Range Suitable For All Textures

Not even two years after shaking up the skin-care industry, The Inkey List founders Colette Laxton and Mark Curry have set their sites on disrupting another beauty category: hair and scalp care.

The Inkey List Hair & Scalp Care Range is comprised of eight products – five scalp treatments and three hair treatments – and is quite unlike most hair product ranges on the market. Housed in 50ml fully recyclable aluminium bottles (yes, even the pumps!), the oils, serums, and cream can be used in multiple ways – on wet hair, dry hair, or mixed in with your shampoo or conditioner – and all of them can be used on any hair type. “We were very, very conscious that these products were for all hair textures,” Laxton tells POPSUGAR.

“With skin care, you have people with very different skin types and needs, but they still might use the same ingredients, just in a different way,” explains Curry, who approached the hair and scalp formulas with the same mentality. “There are loads of different hair textures out there, but some of the issues are the same. Someone with natural hair and someone with straight hair can both experience dryness or lack of shine.” That being said, Curry and Laxton don’t deny that different hair textures do need different ingredients, or more or less of an ingredient, than others. “The best way to explain the range is that it’s formulated for all, but there are a few serums and oils that may be best for certain hair types,” says Curry.

While most hair-care products are marketed for a specific result (more volume! less frizz!) or hair texture (shampoo for curly hair, mask for damaged strands), Laxton and Curry approached the hair and scalp-care products the same way they do their skin care: pared down and formulated from an ingredient-first angle. “We took what we know and have built in skin care and tried to make it relevant in hair care,” Curry says.

And the initial eight products feature probably the most recognisable – not to mention most important – ingredients you can use on your face, including vitamin C, caffeine, peptides, and hyaluronic and salicylic acids. “Our hope is that that, having used these ingredients in their skin care, people will easily understand the role of that ingredient for their hair; for example, they’ll see the Hyaluronic Acid Hair Treatment and recognise it as hydrator,” says Laxton. “We wanted to create an ingredient ‘a-ha ingredient moment’ for people,” adds Curry. “So you probably know this ingredient, but did you know you can use it this way to benefit your hair?”

What also differentiates these treatments is that they have no added dyes or fragrances, which falls in line with The Inkey List skin care but makes it an outlier in the hair-care field. “It was actually a simple decision for us, of not adding fragrance, even though that’s what hair care traditionally is about, because that’s not who we are,” says Curry. “We’re about here’s what an ingredient is, here’s what it can do from you, and this is how you can play ingredients together.” In addition to being fragrance-free, all of the hair and scalp treatments are free of silicones, sulphates, phthalates, SLS, mineral oil, nanoparticles, alcohol, and essential oils.

“We were really clear about making sure that we had the ‘free-from’ sorted in terms of silicones, fragrance, essential oils, alcohol, et cetera, following the same rules as our skin care – we didn’t want to fluff it up,” says Laxton. “We don’t want to add stuff in that isn’t actually benefiting you and the task that the product’s doing.” The products are also formulated to be both colour safe and safe for extensions, which means they don’t contain any ingredients that could be corrosive to glues or other bonding agents.

But back to what’s actually in these hair and scalp treatments. Keep reading to discover all eight formulations, including what’s in them, how they work, and a few honest reviews from the POPSUGAR editors.

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