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The Top Makeup & Mask Trends — According To Street Style

For an inside look at how the current COVID-19 pandemic has changed our approach to personal style, Refinery29 asked local photographers to document the beauty and fashion looks of real people in their respective cities. Through their lenses, we got an inside peek at the actual, unedited street style in Atlanta, Miami, Philadelphia, and New Orleans — and felt, for the first time in a long time, inspired to get dressed, put on a cute floral face mask, and go to town with some colourful eyeliner.

Across America, we witnessed people taking mandatory mask mandates and turning them into forms of self-expression. From bold and feathered brows to colourful eyelash extensions, and even creative rhinestones and gems, these up-close beauty shots prove there is no limit to creativity — even when you’re working with only half your canvas. Check them out, ahead.

In Atlanta, we found women adding subtle accents to define the eyes. Here, a black, floral-printed face mask is the standout accessory, but a flick of soft-winged eyeliner helps draw the attention upward.Photographed by Melissa Alexander- @phyllis.iller
You can’t go wrong with gold jewellery, and the same can be said about eyeshadow. Here, a touch of metallic powder highlights the inner corners of each eye.Photographed by Melissa Alexander- @phyllis.iller
This Autumn, dip into your warm pink and blush eyeshadow tones to create a stunning sunset shadow look.Photographed by Melissa Alexander- @phyllis.iller
In Miami, we saw beauty looks that ranged from minimalist to unapologetically bold. This vibe is more of the former, with full eyelash extensions and lush brows that keep the focus on glowing skin.Photographed by Ysa Pérez- @ysaperez
Upgrade a basic white face mask with precise cat-eye winged liner and a trendy rainbow French manicure.Photographed by Ysa Pérez- @ysaperez
The beauty version of go big or go home, we’re loving the commitment to the neon trend — down to the graphic eye accents and fishnet mask.Photographed by Ysa Pérez- @ysaperez
We’re sorry, we couldn’t hear you over the volume of these brows.Photographed by Ysa Pérez- @ysaperez
More proof that neon isn’t going anywhere in Miami — pandemic or no pandemic — this star proves the power of a monochrome look. Photographed by Ysa Pérez- @ysaperez
The one makeup constant across the country? Bold black eyeliner, including this perfectly executed cat-eye out of Philadelphia. Wherever you are, chose a liner that’s smudge-proof and sweat-resistant.Photographed by Hannah Yoon- @hanloveyoon
The beauty looks in New Orleans demand a closer look. Zoom in on this one and you’ll notice the prettiest wash of pastel eyeshadow that brightens up the face.Photographed by Annie Flanagan- @annieflanagan
You might not notice it at first (especially if you’re busy looking at the creative hair colour) but this star has glitter eyeshadow sprinkled not just on the lids, but also underneath each eye.Photographed by Annie Flanagan- @annieflanagan
The pink tulle face mask makes this look feel avant garde, while the barely-there approach to makeup — with a little eyeliner and long lashes — feels fresh and wearable. Ok but seriously, where can we get this mask?Photographed by Annie Flanagan- @annieflanagan

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