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This clay mask clears your skin without drying out your face

There’s nothing like a detoxifying clay mask to absorb excess oil, grease, and pull out what’s blocked from your pores.

Come summer, with the warmer (sweatier) weather, we need it.

But then arrives the tight and stripped feeling clay masks often leave behind.

They usually need to scrubbed off quite abrasively too, owing to the way clay dries down and cracks on the skin.

So there’s a choice to be made: clear refreshed skin that needs an extreme boost of moisture after, or refusing to compromise your skin in that way to begin with.

Thankfully, a new release is here to change that.

Glow Recipe, a brand that’s popular with influencers and social media users, has launched a product that actually lives up to its hype.

The brand is inspired by Korean skin trends but keeps things ‘fun’ by leaving in light fragrances and having pretty millennial pink packaging on most products.

While many of their products have gone viral (pretty much anything from their Watermelon range), their latest offering – Watermelon Glow Hyaluronic Clay Pore-Tight Facial – is fairly unique to the market.

Unlike most clay masks, the texture is bouncy and rich in its moisture content, so it feels wet to the touch.

That’s due to their hyaluronic infused formula, an ingredient which we all know is great for retaining moisture in the skin by attracting it inwards (when used correctly).

By putting in a heavy dose of this and other moisture-boosting ingredients in the mix, Glow Recipe has counteracted any dryness caused by the clays.

Apply a layer for just five minutes, and the unique texture then washes off easily.

You also get an extra cleansing boost due to blueberry seed powder particles, which aren’t harsh or scratchy in the way physical exfoliants can be.

Speaking at a launch event, Sarah Lee and Christine Chang, the Korean-American co-founders of the brand, said developing a product that required ‘no tugging’ to wash off was important.

Masks already provide an intense treatment to skin, and by scrubbing hard to wash them off, you could just be irritating already vulnerable skin.

Thanks to the clay-meets-cream texture, there’s no problem here.

Once removed, skin feels clean and excess oil is gone, but without that coming at the expense of hydration.

Enhancing the benefits of the ‘facial’, there are also PHA and BHAs, which are acids that remove dead skin (so skin feels smoother and looks brighter) and work deep into pores (to help prevent congestion).

Watermelon enzymes and antioxidants are in the mix too, for good measure.

And finally, the famous light watermelon scent is included, for a skincare experience that plays on your smell sense too.

If masks are a necessity in your skincare arsenal but you hate how tight they leave you face, this might just be a game changer.

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Hyaluronic Clay Pore-Tight Facial is £36 and can be bought from Cult Beauty.


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