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Tips from a makeup artist – How to make your makeup hay fever proof

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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Hay fever making your skin beg for mercy? Pesky pollen wrecking your makeup the second you step outside the house in summer?

Well, we’ve got some tips for you.

Hay fever is annoyingly good at messing with a fun, summery time, and sufferers who wear makeup will likely find their beauty routine at the mercy of the daily pollen count.

That’s why makeup artist Saffron Hughes of has shared her top tips on how to hay fever-proof your makeup.

May hay fever never undermine your look again…

Choose skincare products with anti-inflammatory ingredients

Making sure your skin is prepped and clean before you put your makeup on is key no matter the season.

When it comes to hay fever, Saffron says ‘Blotchy, inflamed skin will result in a poor makeup appearance, so it is important to first calm your skin down.

‘During times of high pollen count, opt for ingredients that boast anti-inflammatory properties. Skincare with hazel, chamomile, aloe vera, vitamin C, vitamin D, turmeric, CBD or murumuru butter, will do the trick.

‘First cleanse your skin to prepare the base, then hydrate with an unscented moisturiser to hydrate the skin. When choosing a moisturiser, opt for one that’s also cooling and can be used on sensitive skin.’

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Saffron recommends ingredients like chamomile, aloe vera, vitamin C, vitamin D, turmeric, CBD or murumuru butter (Picture: Photo by Alina Blumberg from Pexels)

Use antihistamine eye drops

Saffron recommends using eye drops before you put any makeup on, or at least 15 minutes before you put contact lenses in.

She says: ‘Antihistamine eye drops can quickly reduce symptoms common with hay fever, like itchy, watery eyes.

‘They work to block histamine, which is responsible for inflammation, and help to hydrate the eyes too.’

Go for green concealer

To conceal any redness your hay fever causes, grab a green concealer.

‘Red and green are complementary colours,’ explains Saffron, ‘meaning they’re directly opposite each other on the colour wheel.

‘Therefore, by using a green concealer you are toning down redness as well as camouflaging the inflammation and breakouts.

‘To conceal a red nose, simply apply green-coloured concealer around the edges of your nose, blending with a brush all over, before setting with a translucent powder.’

Pick hypoallergenic concealer and foundation

You can also find hypoallergenic concealers and foundations to help soothe your skin.

She explains: ‘For hay fever sufferers, hypoallergenic foundations are the best for improving the skin’s texture.

‘They work to prevent aggravating your seasonal allergies, and typically have less irritants than regular products to suit all skin types.

‘For an added bonus, if your foundation is non-comedogenic, this means it will also work to stop pore blockages and breakouts. Win-win.’

My Celebrity Life –
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels
Waterproof mascara can help 

Reach for the waterproof eye makeup

Prone to watery eyes? Waterproof makeup can help swerve any smudges.

‘Another tip is to add individual false eyelashes to the outer corners of your eye,’ said Saffron.

‘This will create the lift and drama of mascara, without having to apply it during hay fever season.’

Draw attention to your lips

If you’d rather avoid eye makeup altogether during hay fever season, Saffron recommends accentuating your lips instead.

She says: ‘Draw attention away from the eyes and to your lips by using bold, daring lip colours perfect for summer.

‘For an unexpected pop of colour, experiment with orangey hues, fuchsias, brick reds, coral pinks and rose shades of lipstick and gloss.’

Use a skin soothing facial mist

If pollen has your skin crying out for some relief, a facial mist can help calm things down.

Saffron said: ‘During hay fever season, our skin can feel inflamed, stressed, and dehydrated. Not to mention, the warmer weather outside can cause your makeup to slip and slid.

‘Instead of adding more product to the skin by caking on setting powder and potentially irritating your reaction further, use a soothing facial mist that serves to set your makeup too.

‘Spritz on as desired throughout the day when your skin needs a pick-me-up and to wear a fresh, long-lasting makeup look.’


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