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What are my body contouring options?


We’re overly critical of our bodies. Things are too loose, too flabby, and this is always considered a bad thing in the media and across society as a whole. But, often, no matter how much we diet, no matter how hard we exercise, loose skin and wobbly body parts can often stick around – which is disappointing when you’ve worked so hard to keep healthy.

It might be that you’ve lost weight rapidly and you have excess skin around your tummy, or it might be that your body has changed in recent years and you’re ready to make some changes. Here’s a look at body contouring options that might be suitable for you.



As the British Association of Body Sculpting explains, it’s rare that treatments like liposuction are a medical necessity. However, the impact of societal pressure can have a negative impact on people’s mental wellbeing, and this can affect all aspects of people’s lives, from their career to their relationships with loved ones. This is why this type of procedure can go a long way towards helping people to move forward.

With liposuction, fat is removed from under the skin using suction and patients can expect up to 50% to 70% fat removal in a treated area in some cases, boosting confidence as a result. For those who choose this procedure, the bottom, tummy, arms, legs and thighs, and even the chin area can be treated, so it’s possible to focus on several areas that might be a cause for concern.


Tummy tuck

The tummy is one area that many of us find to be particularly tricky. It might be that there’s diastasis, which is where the abdominal muscles don’t reshape properly after separating during pregnancy. Or it might be that there’s loose skin after weight loss – something that affects both women and men.

Often, tummy tucks go hand-in-hand with liposuction. Here, skin is pulled taut across the patient’s abdomen, evening out the area and reducing the lumps and bumps caused by loose skin.



For a non-surgical, fat-targeting procedure, CoolSculpting could be ideal. Also known as cryolipolysis, this is a cosmetic treatment which works by freezing fat cells. No cuts, anaesthesia, or instruments are used, and it targets areas where diet and exercise don’t always work.

This procedure is carried out using a vacuum on the target area, cooling the fat cells in the process. This numbs the area and kills the fat cells.


What to choose?

The procedure you opt for will depend entirely on your circumstances. Make sure you ask as many questions as possible and weigh up the pros and cons before you take the plunge. This will ensure you’ve thought through exactly what treatment you want.

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