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5 Celebrities Investing in a Sustainable Future

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In times of trouble, we look to influential people to help. Global warming and climate change are prime examples of the general population seeking action from leaders and policymakers to make changes. Unfortunately, changes haven’t come fast and wide enough.

The good news is that among the general population are other wealthy and influential people who can and have already done their part – celebrities. Read on to uncover a handful of prominent celebrities who are passionate about a sustainable future and are already investing in it.


How can I invest in a sustainable future?

There are different ways that everyone can invest in a sustainable future. You can do it literally by being active in and trading ESG-focused stocks. ESG stocks are stocks of companies determined to be environmentally ethical. Formally, there are a set of criteria that the company must tick off but doing your own research into their actions is usually enough. Or you can invest in a sustainable future away from the markets by living a life that contributes to the solution rather than the problem. Nobody can be perfect, but everyone can play some part.


Celebs involvement in sustainable companies.


  1. Beyoncé

You’ll be even crazier in love with Beyoncé when you find out how she’s making a contribution. She has invested in a vegan company making it their mission to reduce food waste. They take discarded watermelons due to bruising and turn them into watermelon juice.


  1. Drake

Rapper Drake has partnered with an innovative financial company called Aspiration as an investor – but also as a customer. The company will calculate Drake’s environmental impact over time, and the performer will then look to offset this by contributing to environmental projects. It’s a fantastic way for a rich person to become carbon-neutral.


  1. Bono

The US star launched the Rise Fund, a group of investors dedicated only to support sustainable companies and projects. The group brings together some of the wisest market minds to invest responsibly for clients who want to focus on ESG stocks.


  1. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio is becoming synonymous with environmental and sustainable projects. The Hollywood man is renowned for his work and contributions in the area, and he recently decided to get involved in Beyond Meat. They are a company that develops meat-free food. But this isn’t all. He’s also funded tea companies that save rainforests and is trying to save the Galapagos Islands. Interestingly, he also supports the same financial company that Drake has invested in, as mentioned above.


  1. John Legend

John legend recognises the importance of sourcing our food responsibly but also compensating agriculture workers fairly for their work. He is one of many big names investing in Thrive Market who do work in these areas. You can even buy your groceries on Thrive Market to play your own part.


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