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Actor goes viral on TikTok with scarily good Keira Knightley impression

Love Actually is getting its annual wheeling out this week – but if all else fails and you can’t find a copy, you could just watch Luke Millington-Drake’s TikToks instead.

The actor has gone viral for his uncanny impressions of Keira Knightley that are so spot-on, followers are asking if they’re related.

Luke, who has dual citizenship of the UK and the US, is a dab hand at impressions, with takes on Mrs Doubtfire, Hugh Grant and his American mother available on his TikTok, which has over 320,000 followers.

But it’s his Keira videos that are fast gaining the most attention.

Luke wears the same white turtleneck for his Keira impressions, and has the 35-year-old’s mannerisms down to a tee, while throwing in phrases like ‘brill-o-pad, pads-o-brillo’ and ‘what a lark’ as a nod to Keira’s quaint back catalogue of period dramas.

The latest of his impressions is titled ‘Keira Knightley orders her first KFC’, and hears ‘Keira’ say: ‘Hello sir, isn’t it a lovely day to be at a Kentucky Fried Chicken.’

She is also baffled by the thought of family chicken buckets, saying: ‘Usually I use a bucket to draw water from the well.’

Other videos see Keira Knightley going to the park, Keira Knightley losing her keys on the way to Fortnum’s and Keira Knightley going on a date with Hugh Grant (Luke’s Hugh impression, incidentally, is also stellar).

However, what everyone was waiting for this Christmas was Luke’s take on Keira’s character Juliet in Love Actually, and his version of the scene in which Juliet watches her wedding video will not disappoint.

People have been left stunned by Luke’s accuracy in his impression, with one person writing: ‘Oh my gosh did you eat her soul or something ? You ARE her.’

Another person asked: ‘Have you and Keira Knightley ever actually been seen together’, while British Vogue editor Edward Enninful is a fan, commenting: ‘You are brilliant! You have kept me laughing in lockdown.’

Luke, who is a member of the infamous Groundlings Sunday Company in Los Angeles, may poke fun at Keira’s mannerisms, but it all comes from a place of love, as he is a huge fan.

The actor told The Tab recently: ‘Growing up I was transfixed by her on-screen and would copy her in the mirror as a way to practice acting. It wasn’t until I did a show a few years ago here in LA where I had to do an impression.

‘Keira was the only thing I could think of – and I was shocked by how well it was received.’

We’re hoping the new year brings a TikTok scene-by-scene remake of Bend It Like Beckham.

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