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Aloe Blacc says The Masked Singer is to thank for latest duet with Leann Rimes on I Do from deluxe album

Aloe Blacc has released the deluxe version of his album All Love Everything, including a new duet with Leann Rimes – and that’s all thanks to The Masked Singer US.

The pair, who have released their stunning rendition of I Do together, had both been competing on the show in 2020 (and doing rather well as Leann won and Aloe came runner-up) and it was this twist of fate that meant they once again ended up in the recording studio together.

Aloe said that he didn’t initially recognise that the Sun was Leann, despite having worked with her before: ‘During the show, the production team were very careful to make sure that none of the artists and singers would cross paths or know who one another was.

‘It was complete secrecy. I could hear the voice and I knew she was a powerful singer. And, the thing is, I have actually recorded with Leann before we had a song on her Christmas album called That Spirit of Christmas and it still didn’t dawn on me.’

He revealed that the pair got chatting after they were both unmasked in the final and Aloe reached out to her for the reworking of I Do, his stunning track dedicated to his wife.

Aloe says: ‘The original song I Do was released around Valentine’s Day last year and I thought it would be special if she could help me to reimagine a duet of this song and share it with people on a special day for everyone.

‘It was about celebrating Valentine’s and the relationships that that we both have, respectively, with our partners.’

While he is known for his soulful hits, All Love Everything is the album that has the most tracks dedicated to his wife, Maya Jupiter.

‘She’s definitely a big inspiration,’ Aloe says. ‘For this album, All Of Everything, there are probably three or four songs written and dedicated to her.

‘There’s I Do, Missing Piece and All Love Everything. It’s definitely an album that’s way more focused on our relationship than in the past.’

As well as the love songs dedicated to his wife, Aloe is also determined to champion the underdog in his lyrics, adding: ‘I don’t get very specific in the music about particular issues, you can’t pinpoint and say that I’m speaking about any one event, but I like to speak to the struggle of the underdog.

‘I like to speak to compassion, and, and increasingly developing our capacity for love. I like to speak to humanity and the dignity that we all deserve.

All Love Everything’s deluxe version is out now (Picture: Aloe Blacc)

‘That’s the kind of music that I make, and I hope that it translates in whatever way is most meaningful for someone who’s listening. Anything that comes after the song is written will certainly create a whole new possible interpretation.’

He adds: ‘My thought when I’m writing music is how can my music help to affirm the positive beliefs that we have? How can my music help to inspire the dreams that people have? Or inspire people to dream of a better tomorrow?

‘And how can my music motivate you to not just dream but to execute and walk the path toward making your future better and brighter and I feel like that’s my place in the music business and my place in art is to always be that reminder of the possibility.’

Aloe Blacc’s All Love Everything Deluxe Album is out now.

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