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Ashley Cain reveals terrifying moment daughter Azaylia ‘stopped breathing’ as she suffered seizure

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Azaylia suffered a seizure while returning home from hospital (Picture: Instagram)

Ashley Cain has revealed his daughter Azaylia suffered a seizure last night which caused her to temporarily ‘stop breathing’. 

The former Ex On The Beach star rushed his eight-month-old baby girl back to hospital yesterday after her feeding tube failed to work, meaning they weren’t able to give her food or medicine.

After the successful procedure, Ashley and his girlfriend Safiyya Vorajee were transporting Azaylia home when the tot suffered the health scare.

Azaylia is currently fighting a rare and aggressive form of leukaemia after doctors said there are no other options of treatment for the disease.

Recounting the terrifying moment, Ashley said in his Instagram stories while going for a run: ‘Yesterday we got into hospital, got our platelets done and managed to sort her NG tube out, thankfully.

‘Then just as we were getting back into the car she had a spike in temperature and a seizure, her eyes were rolling, she was hot, she wasn’t breathing. We had to get her on the oxygen straight away and get her cool on the way home.

‘When we got her home she settled then when we got home it happened again and we ended up having a nurse from the palliative care team at our house until 1am.’

Ashley, 30, said it was ‘difficult’ to go through and that there’s a lot his fans do not see of their daily reality, adding: ‘There’s a lot you wouldn’t want to see.’

‘It’s 24 hours a day, seven days a week with no breaks, but it’s all worth it because guess what? She woke up again this morning,’ he said.

‘All the hard work we’re putting in now, it’s worth it in the end to get that little smile, her eyes opening – it’s amazing.’

Sharing the agonising toll of Azaylia’s ordeal, Ashley continued: ‘It’s been months, but the last few days especially I’ve woken up feeling pain, stress, depression, that’s been consuming my mind as well as my body – stopping me from doing the things that were second nature to me, and I don’t like it.

‘I’m going to get up, get out, and get at it – getting out today in the hope that when I walk back in my house, I’m going to be the best me that I can be for my daughter.

My Celebrity Life –

Doctors have said there are no other options to treat Azaylia (Picture:@miss_safiyya_/Instagram)

‘I can give her the energy, commitment, and positivity, and I can help carry this ship to where it’s gonna be. Let’s go champ, we’re still in the game.’

Ashley then shared a photo of Azaylia resting comfortably at home.

As they took Azaylia to hospital yesterday, Ashley explained the importance of getting her NG tube fitted correctly.

‘It’s not coming back with the correct PH. That means that we can’t feed her down the tube, we can’t put medication down the tube. So that means that we’ve got a problem,’ he revealed.

The fitness entrepreneur continued: ‘Also, they can’t just fit another tube because of her platelet level being so low and her tumours, they don’t want her to catch anything on the way down and cause her to bleed out.

‘So we’re about to come into hospital for an X-Ray now to check if the tube’s in the right place and if it’s not a clear passage for the new tube because it’s urgent that she gets her food and medication.’

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