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Ben Fogle brilliantly responds to troll slamming him for pro-vaccine post as he’s accused of making ‘side dig’ at anti-vaxxers

Ben Fogle brilliantly responds to troll who slammed him for pro-vaccine post (Picture: Instagram/Rex)

Ben Fogle had the best response after coming under fire for sharing a pro-vaccine post as he received the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine.

The broadcaster, 47, had shared a snap of him being vaccinated with fans on his Instagram page over the weekend and revealed he had been eligible for the jab, as he is a carer for his daughter who has epilepsy.

Like many other celebrities have done, Ben documented the moment online and shared: ‘V day. Thanks to @nhsengland and the army medics. Vaccines have always been a part of my essential travel requirements. I hate needles. Last time I had an injection I fainted. Not this time. This is another one added to my vaccine passport.

‘How lucky we are in the Developed world to have access to these medicines. I haven’t heard Bill Gates talking to me in my head yet (which if you think about it positively would be like having a free version of Microsoft Windows) Love, peace and hope. Ps I wasn’t paid for this and I had mine early because my young daughter has epilepsy and we are her carers ?.’

Covid-19 vaccines have been approved by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) as both safe and effective.

After sharing he’d received his, Ben, however, was later inundated with negative messages from trolls, with one criticising him for ‘preaching’ about the vaccine and making a ‘side dig’ at anti-vaxxers.

Ben shared one message he’d received from an online troll (Picture: Instagram)

The message accused him of ‘dividing’ others, as it joked: ‘Shame on you, when you decide on a vasectomy can we rely on a pic on Instagram too do you can site the pro’s of that too you f**king k**bhead (sic).’

Ben shared a lengthy statement alongside the screengrab, revealing he was driven off Twitter due to online trolling, and reminding his critics that they choose to follow him.

He wrote: ‘I got a LOT of these from my last post. Instagram is a little window into me, not the ‘me’ you want to see, but the ‘real’ me. The me me. That is the beauty of Social Media. Warts and all.

‘I’m just sharing stuff. I try to do so in a measured manner. That I like marmite doesn’t [mean] you have to like it too. That I have a vaccine doesn’t mean that you have to have one too. Free speech goes both ways and I understand that I can’t please all of the people all of the time, but remember you follow me. I don’t make you.’

The broadcaster brilliantly hit back at his critic with a lengthy statement (Picture: Instagram)

Ben pointed out his experience with previous vaccinations, as he continued: ‘All my decisions are based on 47 years of experience. I have worked on anti malaria campaigns, highlighted pneumonia and flu vaccines after I contracted pneumonia. I have made films about neglected diseases after I contracted Leishmaniasis that kills thousands every year.

‘To take a vaccination is based on my own researched opinion (with the guidance of 4 Doctors in my family) I also have to be respectful to the people and remote communities that I spend time with. It would be inappropriate to spend time, as I do, with vulnerable, isolated people without a vaccine. I have always taken the flu vaccine not as a precaution to me but for others).

He revealed: ‘I get a lot of messages from very cross people upset about a product I am endorsing or a children’s book I have written (yes really) I was driven off Twitter for my own mental well-being after my daughter and I received death threats for daring to suggest we sing happy birthday to the Queen. I hope Instagram doesn’t fall to the same level.’

Ben signed off: ‘Free speech and opinion is a vital part of our democratic liberty but we mustn’t let the anger of polarised opinion mist our judgment to fair debate. This is me. Take me or leave me. I try to keep a positive, inspiring vibe on here always within the spirit of who I am. Blowing out someone else’s candle won’t make yours glow any brighter. Love and peace.’

The TV star’s post comes as the UK government has vowed to vaccinate all UK adults by the end of July.

23million people have already been given their first vaccine dose, while 1.2m have already received their second.

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