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Brad Pitt makes like pal George Clooney and lands leading role in coffee ad for De’Longhi as he heads up their global campaign

Anything George Clooney can do, Brad Pitt can do better – or so he’s hoping by the looks of his latest venture.

Just like Clooney did with Nespresso, Pitt has rivalled his Hollywood pal by teaming up with a different coffee brand for their new global campaign.

De’Longhi have snapped up Pitt as their latest leading man and he stars in their new advert, playing his usual suave self as he speeds off on his motorbike to grab his favourite caffeine fix.

Everything about the ad screams smooth operator, with Pitt zipping around idyllic coastlines on his bike, before letting himself into the ultimate bachelor pad before kicking back with a fresh latte.

Judging by the look on his face as he takes his first sip, Pitt’s a fan.

If anyone can make coffee iconic, then the Fight Club star can, right?

My Celebrity Life –
If anyone can make drinking a cup of coffee look cool, it’s Brad Pitt? (Picture: De’Longhi)

The 60-second ad, directed by Damien Chazelle, sees Pitt getting to grips with his coffee beans as he whips himself up a cuppa with his Dinamica Plus machine as part of De’Longhi’s new Something Perfetto campaign.

We wonder how Nespresso will take the news.

Cast your minds back to 2016 when the coffee giant sued an Israeli coffee brand for using a budget Clooney lookalike in their ads.

Israeli Espresso Club’s tongue-in-cheek ad involved a man trying to explain the benefits of their coffee to a confused Clooney clone.

Nespresso is suing a coffee rival over the use of a knock-off version of George Clooney – Nespresso’s charismatic leading man – in its ads.

Israeli Espresso Club’s tongue-in-cheek ad shows a man trying to explain the benefits of the Espresso Club brand to a confused George Clooney clone.

The ad did come with a disclaimer that advised viewers the actor ‘is not George Clooney’, but Nespresso Israel took legal action and demanded $50,000 (around £36k) in damages as well as the ad being removed.

Clooney first partnered with Nespresso over two decades ago in 2006 and it was reported last year that the award-winning actor has pocketed a very impressive sum as a result – a cool $40m (£28.9m).

It’s not known how much Pitt has pocketed as the face of De’Longhi’s new international campaign, but their partnership already has the star finding a new appreciation for his morning coffee.

‘The European, specifically Italian idea about creating a sort of ceremony associated with coffee—I like that idea… of sitting down on my couch and really enjoying my cup of coffee,’ he told People.

‘To me coffee is not just a drink. It creates connections, it allows you to carve a moment for yourself; to pause and enjoy the moment. I find this ability to stop, appreciate the moment and life in general… truly inspiring.’

Thought you over-did it on the coffee and give yourself an overload of caffeine on the regular? Well, that’s something you and Pitt have in common.

‘I am a serious, professional, committed coffee drinker,’ he told Esquire.

‘Usually a three-cappuccino drinker in the morning, and depending on the work in the afternoon, I might switch over to an espresso.’

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