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Brandi Glanville plans her ‘escape’ from hospital after spider bite infection

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Brandi Glanville was taken to hospital during the week after suffering from a spider bite infection (Picture: Brandi Glanville Twitter/Instagram)

Former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville has given fans an update after she was taken to hospital due to a spider bite infection on her hand.

The reality TV star shocked fans when she shared pictures of her swollen left hand, in which her rings could be seen cutting into her skin, having seemingly been bitten.

A few days later, the 48-year-old said she was ‘feeling so much better today’.

In a tweet, she continued: ‘They just took my lunch order but little do they know I will be going home before lunch I have an escape plan set!’

Concerned fans urged Brandi to stay in the hospital until the doctors discharged her.

One wrote: ‘Girl I am a physiotherapist, not a doctor but I work at a hospital and it sounds like you had a raging infection that likely requires IV antibiotics. Don’t go until the doctors and nurses say so if you value that arm.’

‘Don’t you leave until you are cleared!! I have horror stories that I don’t care to share, just make sure you have a diagnosis and take all the antibiotics! Get well soon sweetie,’ another urged.


Along with her tweet earlier this week, revealing the infection in her hand, Brandi wrote: ‘I think I got bit by something in the night!:/I have so much to do today I’m not sure I can go to the doctor (sic)’, she tweeted.


The former model then posted another image from the hospital as she wrote: ‘My little piggy hoofer has an infected bite of some kind (not human) spending my day at ER I wanted to leave but they said I could lose a limb so I’m chilling -ON A TUESDAY!!!!’

However, it seems Brandi is on the mend as she shared some good news with fans yesterday stating that the ‘swelling is starting to go down.’

It comes months after the mother-of-two suffered from second-degree burns on her face after an accident.

The reality star explained: ‘So this happened to me in December 2nd degree burns all over my face from an accident with a psoriasis light…’

‘I am still healing & really didn’t want to share these photos.’

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