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Cardi B apologises for mimicking Hindu goddess in Reebok shoot amid cultural appropriation backlash

Cardi B has issued an apology after being accused of cultural appropriation over her new shoot with Reebok, which sees her mimicking a Hindu goddess.

The WAP rapper appears in a new campaign for the sportswear brand wearing a red gown with multiple arms extending from her body. The imagery is similar to that of Hindu goddess Durga, who is known for strength, protection and war.

Responding to the mounting criticism, Cardi said in her Instagram stories: ‘So a lot of my fans are telling me that I’m getting dragged by social media.

‘They saying it’s because of my Reebok shoot and saying that I disrespected like a goddess or something.’

The 28-year-old, who is Catholic, explained: ‘When I did the Reebok shoot the creative told me I’d be a goddess that represents strength, femininity and liberation, and that is something I love, that I’m all about and I thought it was dope.

‘If people think I offended their culture or religion I want to say I’m sorry – that was not my intent. I do not like disrespecting people’s religion, I would not like if anyone disrespected my religion, with people dressed as the Virgin Mary or Jesus, as long as they do it in a beautiful and graceful way I don’t feel a certain type of way.

Cardi B says she’ll do ‘more research’ in the future (Picture: iamcardib)

Cardi’s pose resembled the image of Hindu goddess Durga

‘I wasn’t trying to be disrespectful, maybe I should have done my research.’

She added in the caption: ‘Sorry guys I didn’t mean to offend or disrespect anybody’s culture. I can’t change the passed [sic] but I’ll be more cautious for the future.’

Among those criticising Cardi, one Twitter user commented: ‘Cardi B using my religion as a way to promote something and trying to cover it up as a “homage” is disgusting. What she is doing is cultural appropriation and there is no one that can tell me otherwise.’

Agreeing with their sentiment, another fan said: ‘Even for someone who really liked cardi b, i don’t think it’s okay to literally exploit a culture for her personal gains. cultural appropriation is NOT okay. she’s promoting shoes through something that many consider sacred. That is NOT okay.’

One argued: ‘So now Cardi B stans are really defending her for this? I mean if you don’t know sh!t about our culture and deities then stfu! Stop defending her for the wrong things. Calling out celebs on culture appropriation is not bullying or cancelling. Educate yourselves!’


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