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Catherine Zeta-Jones has emotional reunion with her parents after pandemic

The family were delighted to get back together (Photos: Instagram/ catherinezetajones)

Catherine Zeta-Jones enjoyed an emotional reunion with her parents over the weekend after being kept apart during the pandemic.

International travel restrictions over the past 16 months meant the 51-year-old actress hadn’t been able to see her Welsh mum Patricia and dad David for a long time, but they got together in Majorca on Sunday.

She shared snaps with her parents on Instagram, and wrote: ‘Just loving being with my Mam and Dad after being apart for so long. They are just the best, they give me so much joy. I am blessed, truly blessed.’

Catherine, who lives in New York with her husband Michael Douglas and their kids Dylan and Carys, grew up in Swansea and would often visit her parents in Wales before the global health crisis.

And she has previously revealed how supportive her parents were when she was growing up, including sending her to ballet lessons and private school.

‘My dad owned a candy factory and my mother was a seamstress so I was brought up with her sticking me with pins for costumes,’ she previously told Jimmy Kimmel.

Catherine and Patrica beamed in their photo (Photo: Instagram/ catherinezetajones)

The family enjoyed a long-overdue reunion (Photo: Instagram/ catherinezetajones)

‘They were supportive, very supportive.’

However, the star has also admitted she can sometimes be a bit short with her family because she’s always trying so hard to be nice to her fans.

‘[It’s] all part of the [film] business but there’s a lot of effort one puts into being nice to total strangers… not getting p***ed off when someone comes up to you while you’re having dinner,’ she said during an Instagram Live.

‘We spend time being nice and polite and gracious to people and then sometimes you go snap to the people you live with.

‘The people you are closest to in the world, you don’t stand for any s**t, the little things.

‘If a total stranger had said or done that, you would probably be very nice and wouldn’t flip your lid.’

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