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Charlotte Crosby terrified her house is haunted as chair moves on its own and dead bird appears

Charlotte Crosby has been the victim of some seriously spooky goings on of late after fans spotted a chair moving on its own.

The ghostly activity did not stop at moving furniture however, as Charlotte revealed that a magpie had flown into her house, which was then followed by a dead bird appearing outside.

The Geordie Shore star, 31, had not even noticed the chair in her dining room move on its own when she shared a video of her house, until eagle-eyed fans pointed it out in her DMs.

She took to her story to tell her followers: ‘I’m really freaking out. So, I didn’t notice, but I’ve just been on my messages and you guys noticed and I’ve rewatched the video.

‘The video where I am filming the chair from out there and I’m like, “Wow, my house looks so lovely in this filter”…

‘In the background a chair at the table just pulls out, it moves on its own. What?’

She added: ‘No no no this can’t be true’ and ‘Who just saw that? Who just saw that chair move?’

One of Charlotte’s dogs, Banana, also seemed to pick up on something spooky as the reality star revealed that he would not stop barking in the direction of her dining room.

Freaked out by the goings on, Charlotte added: ‘Obviously the whole chair situation has freaked us all out but we need to try and not discuss it now because I’m going to try and get on with my life and not remember that there is a poltergeist in the house.’

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A dead bird also appeared outside her back door (Picture: Instagram)

Just days after, Charlotte had shared footage of her boyfriend Liam Beaumont having to remove a magpie which had flown into her property by accident, managing to get the bird outside to safety.

However, the following day she shared a video of a dead bird just outside her window, adding: ‘I’m not being funny but this is starting to get really weird. Really, really weird.

‘Okay, so anyone who saw or noticed the chair move on my Instagram Story that I hadn’t noticed – the chair just randomly moved in the background.

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Charlotte’s boyfriend Liam also had to remove a magpie from her house this week (Picture: Instagram)

‘And yesterday a magpie was just in the house, which was strange, and then this morning Liam’s just gone: “There’s a dead bird at the back of the house…”’

She added: ‘What the actual… I know I have a lot of glass around the house and sometimes birds do fly into it, well, in the beginning.’

Charlotte then wrote on the story: ‘Let’s try and forget the fact my house is well and truly CURSED.’

Here’s hoping all the creepy happenings are just a coincidence… though we have no logical explanation for how that chair moved on its own.

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