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Cher rescues ‘world’s loneliest elephant’ from closed down zoo and secures his place at wildlife sanctuary

My Celebrity Life –

Cher rescues ‘world’s loneliest elephant’ (Picture: EPA)

Cher may be known for her iconic vocals and hits, but it turns out the singer is also out here saving the world’s animals too.

After meeting with an elephant named Kaavan – also heartbreakingly known as the ‘world’s loneliest elephant’ – at a zoo in Pakistan, Cher has been fighting for his release from captivity and has managed to secure him a place at a wildlife sanctuary in Cambodia.

The Believe hit-maker flew to Pakistan to meet with the country’s Prime Minister in order to secure the elephant’s transfer to a new home, where he can roam freely at a 25,000 acre sanctuary in Siem Reap.

Kaavan, the Asian bull elephant, has been in captivity at Marghazar Zoo in Islamabad, Pakistan, for 35 years. While there, he lost his partner elephant in 2012 and had become both overweight and malnourished, according to vets.

The poor conditions at the zoo led to a judge closing down the facility and ordering all animals to now be moved, with Cher making it her mission to secure Kaavan a new home where he can be free and revel in the company of other elephants.

He had been forced to entertain crowds while kept in captivity and beg for money from zoo visitors, while being prodded with bull hooks by his handlers.

My Celebrity Life –

The singer secured the release of Kavaan to a wildlife sanctuary

My Celebrity Life –

Kavaan had been in captivity for 35 years (Picture: EPA)

Kaavan lived in a small enclosure with horrible conditions and was left alone when the female elephant he had lived with died.

Experts say that elephants, who are similar to humans and experience the same emotions, form strong bonds with their companions and also have been known to mourn them when they die.

Cher’s heart went out to Kaavan and she, like many other animal welfare activists, had been actively campaigning for years to have him released from the zoo.

My Celebrity Life –

Cher said her ‘dreams had come true’ getting Kavaan a new home (Picture: EPA)

She even met with Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan, who thanked the singer for everything she had done for Kavaan, as he finally embarked on his journey to a better home in Cambodia.

Taking to Twitter, Cher tweeted following her visit with the PM: ‘Just Came From Meeting To Thank Prime Minister Imran Kahn For Making It Possible For Me To Take Kaavan To Cambodia. Kaavan Will Be Able To Leave For Cambodia On The 29. Think Documentary Will Be Heartwarming.’

She now plans to share Kavaan’s story by producing a documentary on his rescue mission with the Smithsonian Channel and it’s set for release next year.

Cher shared an emotional clip sharing Kavaan’s story with her followers on Twitter, as she posted: ‘Kaavan’s journey to freedom from captivity in Islamabad to Cambodia will be a 2021 @SmithsonianChan documentary.’



‘Help us build Kaavan’s forever home,’ she added, as she shared a link to a fundraising page hoping to raise $50,000 (£37,500) to help with building Kavaan’s quarantine enclosure in Cambodia.

She released a statement via Free The Wild – an organisation she co-founded dedicated to releasing animals suffering in captivity – following Kavaan’s rescue and said: ‘My wishes have finally come true.’

‘We have been counting down to this moment and dreaming of it for so long and to finally see Kaavan transported out of the zoo will remain with us forever,’ Cher gushed.

No, you’re crying.


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