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Chloe Ferry is naked and afraid and almost calls fire brigade after getting trapped in the bath in freak accident

My Celebrity Life –
Chloe Ferry shared her nightmare bath incident with fans (Picture: Instagram)

Chloe Ferry let fans in on a freak accident she had in the bathtub on Wednesday night, which almost resulted in her calling out the fire brigade to help.

The Geordie Shore star, 26, posted a tearful video from the tub as she revealed she was well and truly stuck with her toe jammed in the bath board.

She wailed: ‘Guys, sorry, I’ve got a real problem. I think I’m going to have to call the fire brigade! F**k’s sake, you’re going to die with what I’m about to show you.

‘My toe is stuck in the wood! Oh my god, what am I going to do?! I’m not going to panic but I’m actually starting to be a bit in pain now, it’s like stopping my blood circulation.

‘I wanted a nice, hot bath – relaxing, I’ve had a long day. My toe is stuck in the pine! What am I going to do? I thought I was clever putting my toe there because it was comfy, it was holding my foot up. I was in a lovely position but no, no, I’m f**ked!’

Chloe revealed that it was not the only bizarre accident she’d ever had, adding: ‘Do I ring the fire brigade? What do I do? I’m lying here naked in the bath.

‘This never happens… well actually that is a lie, apart from the time my head got stuck in the cat flap when I was drunk, but this is even more serious because I am lying here fully naked.’

Chloe’s struggle only got worse as she revealed her phone was on 6% and about to run out, leaving her stranded in the buff.

Understandably, fans were a little bit concerned when many hours passed without any further update from Chloe, worrying she was still trapped in ever-cooling water without any phone battery to call for help.

She took to Instagram the following day to update them: ‘[I got] a lot of messages of people worrying about us, thinking “Is she still in the bath? She hasn’t posted.”

My Celebrity Life –
Chloe joked that she had to sleep with the bath board on her foot (Picture: Chloe Ferry)
My Celebrity Life –
She told her followers her toe had gone purple (Picture: Chloe Ferry )

‘It gets worse. It gets worse. I am alright, I’m fine, I’m here today but I obviously didn’t want to waste the fire brigade’s time or anyone’s time so I just took the bath board to bed.

‘So how’s your morning going then? Because I’ve just went to bed with a bath board if I am honest.’

She panned over to the bath board still on her toe in bed, but soon revealed she was just messing about and had managed to free herself the previous night.

Chloe teased: ‘I’m winding you up – of course I got the bath board off my foot but it was quite scary.’

She revealed that her toe had gone ‘purple’ but admitted she would ‘probably get over it’, but would make sure to share the anecdote with her grandchildren in years to come.


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