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Chris Ramsey’s wife Rosie gives marvelously blunt account of childbirth as Sh***ed Married Annoyed couple celebrate son’s birthday

Sh***ed, Married, Annoyed podcaster Rosie Ramsey, wife of Chris Ramsey, has celebrated her son’s fifth birthday with an iconically blunt, photographic runthrough of the birth.

Comedians Chris and Rosie, who have been married since 2014, welcomed Robin five years ago today – after an intense 18-hour labour that resulted in an emergency c-section.

And in a trip down memory lane, Rosie – who is now pregnant with their second child – decided to fill everyone in on every single detail.

Starting with her waters breaking on an exercise ball, Rosie then shared a picture of her with a flannel on her head as she went through contractions.

‘The wet flannel was Sandra’s [her mum] idea…. It was lovely if I remember rightly,’ she wrote, before adding: ‘I was off my tits on diamorphine by this point.

‘Me dramatic? Noooo….’

With her mum and husband by her side, Rosie turned the photos into a hilarious comic book (of sorts), complete with speech bubbles for the key players.

In one, she’s seen panicking that ‘her vagina will fall out’ while her mum just rolls her eyes at her, and responds: ‘I’ve done this three time Rosie! You’re being a bit ridiculous love… eeh hey, bloody kids today eh?!?’

In another, Chris is seen in surgical gear after having ‘his fifth hallway cry’, while Rosie gives a thumbs up for the camera before being taken away into surgery,

Behind her a nurse warns ‘your baby is HUGE and your vagina is not’.

Thankfully, it all turned out OK, with Rosie giving birth to a healthy baby Robin, who arrived weighing 10lb 11oz.

‘I still have no idea what I’m doing, but wow… I’ve never felt a love like this,’ Rosie concluded, with a sweet snap of her lying next to the baby Robin.

Fast forward five years on, and Robin is about to get a baby brother or sister – with the pair dubbing their upcoming arrival Baby Rona to their podcast listeners.

The baby is due in January.

Sh***ed, Married, Annoyed is available now on all streaming services.


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