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Chrissy Teigen cuts hole in $17.5m mansion she shares with husband John Legend to rescue trapped pet hamster

Chrissy Teigen cut a hole in the $17.5million (£12.8m) mansion she shares with John Legend to rescue their missing pet hamster.

Chrissy, 35, shared the shenanigans in a thrilling IGTV video on Instagram, as friends joined her in trying to free the hamster that had been missing for three days.

After ‘hearing faint scratching in the wall,’ the model realised where her hamster had been all that time.

Wearing a fancy floral robe with fur trimming, the TV personality chiseled a hole in the wall before seeing their pet’s nose poking through, and could be heard saying: ‘It’s ok Peanut Butter, we’re coming.’

The couple’s daughter Luna, five, made a cameo in the short film, with a helper explaining to her: ‘He’s using [the wires] like a rope to climb.’

The group worked together to figure out the best way to free their beloved hamster, using a torch, ladder, and ultimately a screwdriver to complete the escapade.

My Celebrity Life –

The TV star enlisted the help of friends to rescue the family’s beloved pet (Picture: chrissyteigen / Instagram)

Chrissy was prepared to hammer through the foundation to speed up the process, but was warned by a pal: ‘Don’t take the hammer!’

The cookbook author was finally reunited with her furry friend after feeding her seeds to nibble on before crawling out through a punctured partition and into the safety of a hamster ball.

My Celebrity Life –

Chrissy was ecstatic when Peanut Butter was rescued unharmed (Picture: chrissyteigen / Instagram)

Once the mission was complete, Chrissy turned to the camera with an elated expression, cradling the hamster ball and letting out a relieved cackle.

The Sports Illustrated cover star has been embroiled in a scandal over the past year due to her destructive behaviour on social media.

The public figure said she could be ‘canceled forever,’ as her wrongdoings led to Macy’s ceasing to sell her kitchen line and her exit from the Netflix show Never Have I Ever.

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