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Christine McGuinness reveals her kids’ playroom is pointless as she’s left babysitting dolls

Christine McGuinness shared the reality of life with three kids, as she revealed that they leave their toys everywhere but their actual playroom.

The model, 32, who shares three children with Paddy McGuinness, 47, shared a photo of her surrounded by prams and dolls as she took on ‘babysitting’ duties.

She told fans: ‘I’m on babysitting duties.. for the dolls!. and if I don’t take this seriously Felicity will lose her mind so I better just look really happy about this.

‘Also.. there is absolutely no point in having a play room because they put their toys everywhere apart from the playroom! but it’s a happy house so I can’t complain!’

Advising other parents not to bother with a dedicated playroom for their children, Christine added on her story: ‘Just in case you’re thinking of moving house soon or maybe redecorating and are thinking “oh I’ll give my kids a lovely playroom, a space for them and all their toys” don’t bother.

‘Give yourself a room. Give yourself that room with some nice candles and a nice sofa and make it an adults only room.

Christine revealed a playroom is pointless as they toys still end up in every other room (Picture: Instagram/ mrscmcguinness)

‘There’s no point in giving your kids a playroom. I mean they’re [toys] everywhere you look. Absolutely everywhere I look.’

Paddy and Christine share seven-year-old twins Penelope and Leo and four-year-old Felicity, all of whom have autism.

Christine has always shared the ups and downs of parenting with her followers, revealing recently that her kids had been becoming ‘more physical’ with her during lockdown.

She shared a message she had sent another mother of a SEN [special educational needs] family, revealing: ‘I totally understand, all three of mine have got more physical with me and each other recently, it’s awful.

Christine and Paddy’s children didn’t have the full Christmas dinner, going for fish fingers and chips instead (Picture: mrscmcguinness)

‘I barely recognise them sometimes and I just paint a smile on like everything is fine. ‘Thinking of you lots, stay strong. This time will pass.’

She also revealed that the kids’ Christmas dinner was fish fingers and chips rather than turkey with all the trimmings in order to keep them happy on the day.

Christine explained: ‘Because autism doesn’t stop for Christmas day! They like what they like and I want my children to eat so I choose my battles and I don’t want one today!

‘For anyone who may not understand this, food aversion can be quite common for those with autism.

‘This isn’t lazy parenting or fussy children, this is sensory issues due to their condition that limits what our children eat.

‘It may be basic and it’s still all beige but they’re happy and their tummies are full. For anyone with autistic children this Christmas.. I hope you had a calm day, I feel your exhaustion and I hear your sigh of relief that the Christmas period is almost over.’

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