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Comedy club staff threatened with violence and vile abuse after axing Andrew Lawrence gig over ‘racist’ tweets

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Comedian Andrew Lawrence was axed over his ‘racist’ tweets (Picture: BBC)

Staff at the Concorde Club have received horrific threats after bosses decided to axe Andrew Lawrence’s upcoming gig.

The comedian sparked an instant backlash on social media when he made ‘racist’ comments about England’s Black footballers on Twitter.

Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka have been subjected to disgusting abuse after missing penalties in the Euro 2020 final on Sunday, with Italy going on to win the tournament as a result.

Weighing in on England’s defeat on social media, Lawrence had tweeted: ‘All I’m saying is, the white guys scored.’

‘Equality, diversity, s*** penalties,’ he continued in a subsequent post.

Not backing down against the fury, he later added: ‘I can see that this has offended a lot of people, and I’m sorry that Black guys are bad at penalties.

Following the shocking tweets, a number of venues cancelled his shows, and he has also been dropped by his agent – with Lawrence since deleting his profile on the platform.

However, bosses at the Concorde Club in Eastleigh, Hampshire, have now revealed that their decision to drop his upcoming performance has been met with horrific threats of violence and abuse towards their staff.

In a post shared on their official Facebook page earlier today, they shed light on the response, explaining that employees had been left ‘shaken’ by one email in particular.

‘Sometimes I despair at some people in the world and today is another day of this. Further to our difficulties yesterday with having to cancel a comedian date due to his tweets, our staff have now been subjected to threats of the most evil kind,’ the post began.

‘Below is one of the emails we have received from a “Gordon”. It has left some of our staff shaken. We have notified the police and so hope that they will be able to trace this low life.

My Celebrity Life –

Lawrence’s page is no longer visible (Picture: Twitter)

‘We have tried during this whole pandemic to put on as much entertainment to give entertainment starved customers a smile on their faces during these difficult times. The last few days make this job so much harder but as ever we will keep on going.

‘I wasn’t sure whether to post this email but the pure hatred and disgusting nature of it told me to share it and to try and trace this animal. Here it is in its full not so glory:……………………………………….’

The letter said: ‘I am contacting you about your becoming cowardly scum by joining in the witch hunt to ruin a man’s career because he can no longer tolerate those miserable, ungrateful Blacks.

‘You have made a foolish mistake. This is what will happen: Your staff will be assaulted randomly, most likely a hammer in the back of the head as they leave at night.

‘Your managers will be grabbed & stabbed. Family members will be targeted as we gather their details. Dyes will be generally thrown around the venue, especially onto customer’s belongings.

My Celebrity Life –

Bosses shared the vile message they received on Facebook (Picture: Facebook)

‘We will begin starting fires on the premises over the next few months. All vehicles in your car park will be regularly damaged. Your health and safety record will be challenged constantly.’

‘We will run regular complaints about the quality of your food. For example, human feces will be found in your food. You will be financially ruined,’ it continued.

‘You had better be on your f**king toes boys and girls because a war is coming and you idiots have chosen the wrong side.

‘The Concorde Club will make a magnificent charred ruin. Goodbye, Gordon [sic].’

Followers were left shocked by the vile message, and promptly flooded the comments section with love and support for those impacted by ‘Gordon’s’ words.

‘Oh my God!! No wonder your staff are shaken up, it’s terrifying! What an horrendous, vile excuse for a human being! I hope the police and powers that be trace him. He needs locking up, sharpish [sic],’ one replied.

‘This is disgusting and it’s no wonder your all shaken! None of you deserve this at all, you’ve made completely the right decision to cancel him as have other venues across the county! I really hope the police can trace this vile person. We are all with you and will stand by you [sic],’ another agreed.

A follower wrote: ‘My stomach turned over when I read this. You all do a wonderful job. It is totally the right decision to have zero tolerance towards racism. I wonder if Hanger Farm have also had threatening abusive messages?

‘Upsetting as this sort of thing is, other than being vigilant and not walking alone to the car park I would carry on as normal. One vile nutter does NOT speak for the rest of us! Take care all. Maggie x.’

As a Facebook user added: ‘Disgusting and your staff shouldn’t have to tolerate this behaviour.

‘You did the right thing by cancelling this comedian. I can’t believe in this world how people can be like this.’

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