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Courtney Act shares sweet video answering kids’ questions about gender amid Pride Month


Courtney Act has answered questions about gender from children amid Pride Month to help them understand and celebrate all gender identities.

The RuPaul’s Drag Race star, 39, took part in Little Kids, Big Talk, which will air on ABC in Australia from Monday, June 21, to allow kids to ask her any questions they may have amid Pride Month.

Courtney – who goes by Shane Jenek when she isn’t in drag – revealed to one child that people do treat her differently depending whether she is Courtney or Shane.

She explained: ‘They do actually, it’s quite interesting because when I am dressed up as Shane – this is me when I am not dressed like this. And so I present looking like a boy and people treat me differently.

‘Regardless of how I look, the world looks the same to me, but sometimes people look differently and react differently to me depending on how I’m dressed.’

Another child asked whether she likes being ‘called a boy or girl’, to which Courtney revealed: I don’t really mind. I find that as long as people are being kind and polite, then that is what is important.


‘And I always find that whatever someone tells you that they want to be called, it’s always best to listen to them and call them the name that they want to be called.’

The entertainer, who wore a stunning rainbow minidress with a large train coming from one shoulder, also shared the hardest experiences she had growing up.

‘I was a young boy and people told me that boys should look or act or even feel a certain way and I always enjoyed more of the things that the girls liked when I was at school.

‘And sometimes people said that boys shouldn’t like girls things and that boys should like sport and football and I preferred dancing and singing and colourful, fun things.’

Courtney also shared a hopeful message with one boy who loves ballet, adding: ‘I think the world is changing and people are coming to understand that everybody, regardless of your body parts, should be able to do whatever they want to do.’

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