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Cristiano Ronaldo refuses to have Coca Cola bottles in interview as he shouts ‘drink water!’

Cristiano Ronaldo clearly isn’t a fan of Coca Cola after he was seen removing two bottles of the stuff from in front of him as he took part in a conference at Euro 2020 overnight.

That’s not to say he’s more a Pepsi man – in fact, he’s more into guzzling that sweet, sweet H2O down the gullet.

In an interview on Monday evening, just before reporters fired questions at the footballer, he noticed a couple of bottles had been placed in front of him. Which makes sense seeing as, you know, Coke is a sponsor of Euro 2020.

Gotta get that advertising eyeballs and all that.

Still, instead of playing ball, so to speak, and keeping the bottles in frame, Ronaldo moved them out of sight and shouted in Portuguese: ‘Drink water!’

The football star – who was speaking to press ahead of Portugal’s first game of the Euros, when they’ll take to the pitch against Hungary today – then grabbed his own water bottle and kept that with him throughout the remainder of the interview.

‘Drink water!’

Tom Brady saw the clip as it made its way around social media and chimed in: ‘It’s almost like the veterans know what they’re doing….’

It’s perhaps of little surprise to you all that Ronaldo, 36, wasn’t too keen on his face being beamed to millions with a couple of bottles of pop in frame, after previously sharing his frustration at his young son – he has four children, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr, 11, daughter Eva and son Mateo, both four, and daughter Alan Martina, three – drinking the stuff.

Ronaldo previously said at the Global Soccer Awards ceremony: ‘We’ll see if my son will become a great footballer,’

‘Sometimes he drinks Coke and eats crisps and it irritates me, he knows that.

‘Sometimes I tell my son to take a dip in cold water to recover after a run on the treadmill and he says, “Dad, it’s so cold there”. That’s fine, he is only 10 years old.’

Ah, the mentality of an elite sportsperson.

Ronaldo’s frankly offensively strict fitness regime that keeps him at the top of the table has long been reported over the years. It’s said to include a diet of six ‘mini-meals’ spread throughout the day – with loads of chicken and pasta cooked without salt or oil, apparently – as well as three-to-four-hour workouts, five times a week.

He rounds that out with eight hours of sleep per night to help keep up his ‘mental strength’.

No fizzy drinks in sight, sadly.

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