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Daisy May Cooper recruits Carole Baskin as go-between after alleging publishers ‘owe her payment’: ‘You guys are askin’ for a Baskin’

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Daisy May Cooper has recruited Carole Baskin to represent her in an alleged pay dispute with publishers Penguin, with Carole declaring in a video that Daisy will ‘not be talking to you guys anymore’ and will instead use the Tiger King star as her go-between.

This Country creator and star Daisy published her memoir Don’t Laugh, It’ll Only Encourage Her with Penguin imprint Michael Joseph last Thursday, and claims that the company still owes her her final pay cheque.

Alongside a video of Carole Baskin she posted on her Instagram account on Tuesday morning, the Never Mind the Buzzcocks team captain commented: ‘Penguin still aren’t paying me my final installment, despite doing all the press/everything they f**king asked for with the book. So I am refusing to communicate unless it’s through carol Baskin [sic].’

The clip, from celebrity pay-for-play video site Cameo, shows 60-year-old Carole in her trademark flower crown demanding that Penguin ‘pay Daisy her money’ or else joking that she and the actress will ‘be coming after you with nets and leashes and tranquilizer darts’.

The star also uses the eminently quoteworthy phrase ‘askin’ for a Baskin’ as part of her public admonishment on behalf of Daisy.

In the video, Carole, who is currently suing Netflix for footage of her that appears in the upcoming Tiger King 2, which she alleges is a breach of contract, begins: ‘Pay Daisy her money! What’s the matter with you guys? Pay her what you owe her, for crying out loud.

‘Daisy is not going to be talking to you guys any more, she’s gonna go through Carole Baskin and bring the message through me to you because you guys are askin’ for a Baskin by not paying Daisy what she’s owed.’

Carole also warns that ‘Daisy and I are gonna come after you, we’re gonna put you in a cage just like the animals that you are for not paying what she is owed’.

‘What are you thinking?’ she continues. ‘We’re going to be coming after you with nets and leashes and tranquilizer darts for crying out loud!’

The former Dancing With The Stars contestant, who charges £182 for videos for personal use and £364 for a business video for a marketing campaign, then adds ‘Yeah, we’re just kidding’, before descending into laughter and admitting that she ‘doesn’t know what is happening here’.

In a play on her famous catchphrase Carole finishes: ‘I usually sign off by saying ‘Stay cool, cats’, but you’re not being cool cats, so pay Daisy and then maybe we can have a cool cats and kittens conversation…’

While it’s still not clear whether this is another prank from the TV star, it’s hardly the first time Daisy has wound up her publishers after she requested a stay in a hotel haunted by the ghost of a dog when she was asked for accommodation preferences for her promotional tour.

Insisting that ‘releasing the spirits of dogs so they can cross over to the otherside’ is one of her hobbies, Daisy kept up with the pretence before conceding when the unnamed agent joked that she was ‘a pain in the a**e’ and messaging: ‘Just stick me in a travel lodge [sic].’

My Celebrity Life –
The star has previously wound up her publishers but it is unclear if her pay claim is a prank (Picture: Instagram/daisymaycooper/Rex)


The Bafta winner also made a fake spat with her publishers public when they had a ‘back and forth’ over the use of a story about an ex-boyfriend’s bent penis in her book, the inclusion of which Daisy pretended to insist was ‘a dealbreaker’.

After disabling her account on Instagram, Daisy shared a statement with that confirmed she and Penguin ‘had made up’ and that she had been offered the chance to ‘dedicate the book to my ex-boyfriend’s wonky knob’, which she accepted.


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