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Daisy May Cooper sums up how we all feel in lockdown with hilarious song: ‘I can’t go to Poundland because of f***ing Covid’

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Daisy May Cooper gave us Covid The Musical (Picture: Instagram/@daisymaycooper)

Daisy May Cooper has been the gift that keeps giving amid the rollercoaster that has been 2020, and her song about the second lockdown sums up how we’re all feeling right now.

While in the first lockdown we were all obsessed with her tumultuous romance with the Sea Captain (RIP Sea Captain Jon, gone too soon), this time around her mystery man is nowhere to be found and there’s no fun activities like boot sales to kill the time.

The This Country star shared her thoughts on being in lockdown again amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic through the medium of song, and it’s basically the anthem of 2020.

Singing to the tune of Somewhere That’s Green from Little Shop Of Horrors, Daisy sang a sweary ode to just how rubbish this year has been.

Her lyrics went: ‘I’ve got a holiday booked in January, but I bet that’s now f**king cancelled. I can’t go to Poundland and look at the things because of f**king Covid.

*Warning – the below video contains a lot of swearing* 

‘I’ll have to do all my Christmas shopping online and my husband will be a real p***k when the packages arrive at the door, saying “How much have you spent? How much have you f**king spent?”

‘All my neighbours asking: “Do you want anything from the shops?” Why are you being nice to me, we don’t usually ever talk to one another?

‘Why is everything so f**king s**t, I want to go to a boot sale. And I want to go to Wetherspoons or Revolution (that’s now shut down) to drink lots of f**king wine but I can’t.’

She ended the rant: ‘You are all so much c**ts’, which may not make much grammatical sense but we’ll go with it.

Here’s hoping Daisy also brings back some of her epic dramatic dance routines to TV theme songs now we’re all stuck in the house again – it’s what we need to cheer us up until December.


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