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Daniel Radcliffe isn’t ‘mentally strong enough’ for social media and thinks he’d start fights with randomers on Twitter

Daniel Radcliffe doesn’t think he’s ‘mentally strong enough’ for social media.

Despite being globally famous thanks to being the star of one of cinema’s biggest franchises , the 31-year-old has stayed off Twitter and Instagram.

The Harry Potter star appeared on the YouTube series Hot Ones, which usually does a deep dive into the guest’s Instagram, but host Sean Evans said Daniel had ‘thrown him for a loop’ by not having any social footprint, so Daniel explained why he has chosen not to open the door to a room where people are likely saying horrible things about you for no reason.

Daniel said: ‘I would love to say there’s some incredibly well-thought-out intellectual reason for this because I considered getting a Twitter and I 100 percent know that if I did, you all would be waking up to stories like, “Dan Radcliffe gets into fight with random person on Twitter”.

‘When I was younger, not anymore thank God, I would like to look up comments about myself on the internet and read s*** like that.

‘That is an insane and bad thing to do. And to me, like Twitter and everything just sort of feels like an extension of that. Unless I’m going to go on to just read all nice things about myself, which also feels like another kind of unhealthy thing to do.’

The actor continued: ‘Other than that, I don’t honestly think I’m mentally strong enough but right now I’m kind of alright with that.’

The rest of Dan’s Potter castmates are fairly active on social media – Emma Watson has 59 mllion followers on Instagram, Rupert Grint recently beat the record for the fastest time to reach one million followers on the platform, and Tom Felton often hosts Harry Potter watchalongs on his Insta.

Daniel is known for being protective of his privacy, and keeps his seven-year relationship with Erin Darke after the spotlight.

Famously, the Escape From Pretoria star decided to wear the same outfit over and over again to evade the paparazzi in a rather genius move.

He explained to Sean: ‘It was when I was doing Equus in London, you’re in a situation where the paparazzi know where you are and know you will be leaving around the same time every night, so if they want to get pictures of you looking tired and pale, which is my go-to look, then they can wait by the side where you come out and take them as you leave.

‘Because it’s the same door, it’s the same background, walking out the same way every night, and if I’m wearing the same clothes, they all look like they’re from the same day, so there’s no more value in it.’

Daniel even went as far to once wear an anti-paparazzi jacket that produced a glare that ruined photographs.

So yeah, we don’t expect him popping up on TikTok any time soon.


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