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Demi Lovato stopped contacting late dad for their mental health as they open up about their ‘tough’ relationship

Photo ddlovato/Instagram

Demi Lovato had a turbulent relationship with their late dad (Picture: REX)

Demi Lovato has opened up about their difficult relationship with their late dad Patrick, revealing they stopped contacting them for their mental health.

The singer took to Instagram on Father’s Day to send a supportive message to anyone who was finding the day difficult and urged others to get in touch with their own dads if they feel able.

They confessed that, although they ‘regretted’ not reaching out more, the turbulent times ‘made me into the person I am today’.

‘Trying not to wake up sad…Trying to stay positive. This is for anyone else who’s lost a father, can’t be with their dad, didn’t know their dad, or anyone who has a tough relationship with their dad.

‘I spent many years on holiday wondering whether or not I should call him…take it from me, if you can, make the call.

‘Some days I regret not calling but other days I’m proud of myself for holding my boundary because I was doing what was best for me and my mental health. It’s complicated, and I wish it were different but this made me into the person I am today.

Demi said they were ‘trying to stay positive’ (Picture: Instagram)

The singer didn’t contact their dad ‘for their mental health’ (Picture: Instagram)

The star opened up about their feelings on Father’s Day (Picture: Instagram)

Demi posted old photos of themselves with their birth father (Picture: Instagram)

‘Anyway my heart goes out to the people still holding their boundaries as well.’

The Skyscraper singer shared old photos of themselves with their dad when they were younger, as well as their ‘favourite photo’ they took with their stepfather Eddie before they went on tour with the message: ‘My favourite pic of us together, just left the Baltimore aquarium i think one day before tour.

Demi’s song Butterfly accompanied the photos (Picture: Instagram)

Demi shared a picture with their stepfather Eddie (Picture: Instagram)

‘To the man who raised me, I love you so much.’

The first three pictures were accompanied by their song Butterfly, with lyrics that included: ‘Your lying taught me bout honesty, honesty/Your leaving taught me bout loyalty, loyalty.

‘You were never really graceful / Now you’re just what you’re supposed to be.’

Demi has spoken openly about their birth father in songs Father and Butterfly, revealing in 2015 they were ‘conflicted’ over his death ‘because he was abusive’.

‘He was mean, but he wanted to be a good person. And he wanted to have his family, and when my mom married my stepdad, he still had this huge heart where he said, “I’m so glad that [he’s] taking care of you and doing the job that I wish I could do,”‘ Demi explained.

‘To know that it wasn’t fully his fault really was saddening to me. I wanted to write about it. I wanted to process it.’

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