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Fans are convinced Taylor Swift is dropping another surprise album called Woodvale

Move over advent calendars—Taylor Swift is now the central source of seasonal surprises, and fans think an LP called Woodvale might be her next one.

Taylor only dropped her latest folk-inspired record, Evermore, on Friday, following on from the success of Folklore but internet sleuths have already spotted a clue to what they think is a third release on the way.

Fans noticed the word ‘woodvale’ hidden in the trees of her summer release, Folklore. At the time, no one thought much of it, but now some are convinced it’s a clue from notorious Easter egg lover Taylor.

Most fans seemed shocked and delighted by the possibility, but one wrote: ‘I can’t memorise lyrics this quick, I’m still not over the lover album. Chillax. Don’t release woodvale yet.’


The pop detectives pointed out a number of possible breadcrumbs they suspected could lead to another batch of Taylor tunes.

Confetti included in the packaging of some shipments of the new album comes in three colours, tan, grey and teal. The first two colours seem to correspond to the respective palettes for Folklore and Evermore, but the teal remains a mystery.




Could it be the theme for Woodvale? Some Swifties say yes, especially after the seasonal colour progression of the last two drops — autumnal browns and wintery greys.

Taylor also released a series of three cardigans for purchase. Two seem to match the aesthetics of her previous two albums, so some stans suspect the third might be a cozy Woodvale clue.

And there might even be a British twist in play. Though Tay-Tay and her beau Joe Alwyn are not married, as some hoped, the 29-year-old actor did collaborate on some evermore songs under the alias William Bowery.

One fan also spotted a sprawling property in the Lake District had sold, and wondered if the superstar singer might have bought it to live closer to her Royal Tunbridge Wells-born beau.

So is Woodvale on the way? Only time – and perhaps a cardigan – will tell.


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