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Gordon Ramsay pranks drive-through staff with toastie order but fans aren’t impressed he wasted food

Gordon Ramsay left fans divided as he shared a prank he had played on drive-through staff, but fans were less impressed that he threw perfectly good food into the bin afterwards.

The multiple Michelin-starred chef, 54, shared a video of him amusing himself while on a long drive, telling fans: ‘Sometimes I get bored on the road… So I decided to have some fun at the drive-thru and met Harry Snotter!!!’

Gordon filmed himself pulling up at a drive-through at a petrol station where he made some difficult requests about his order.

The Hell’s Kitchen star asked: ‘Do you have any of those amazing toasties? Is that the ham and cheese Jamie Oliver toastie from the Shell garage?’

Gordon then asked whether the mustard inside would be English or French, feigning disappointment that it would be the American variety, and being told he can’t have extra cheese as the toasties come pre-made.

When he asked the cashier whether they offer takeaway, Gordon joked: ‘What’s 10 takeaway from 100?’

Gordon was seen inspecting the toastie he received (Picture: Instagram)

Fans were not happy that he lobbed it in the bin at the end of the video (Picture: Instagram)

As he pulled up to receive his food, Gordon pulled the toastie apart to examine what appeared to be a single slice of ham in the centre, telling the staff: ‘It’s only toasted on one side! I asked for no mustard.’

Ending up with some stringy cheese all over his hands, Gordon joked: ‘It looks like something out of Harry Snotter.’

While fans were loving his cheeky exchange with the staff – he does have exacting standards for food, after all – they were less impressed that Gordon made a point of throwing the freshly-made food into the bin on his way out.

They commented on his post: ‘Chef, you wasted what would have been yummy food for someone who is food deprived,’ ‘Love it but binning food that someone could of eaten…’ and ‘Could have left the food waste part out.’

Others added: ‘Ohh no give it to someone who need some food Gordon,’ ‘Cute but you could have given that toasty to a someone who was hungry for it and didn’t have a meal that day…’ and ‘Nice sense humor but was it really necessary to chuck that toastie to the bin? When so many empty stomachs are rumbling right now? Just saying..’

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