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Graham Norton says he finds it ‘weird’ gay men are ‘expected’ to get married and have children

Graham Norton has admitted he finds it ‘weird’ there is now an ‘expectation’ for gay men to marry and have children.

The openly gay presenter says he’s ‘fascinated’ that younger homosexual men discuss and consider having their own kids.

Chatting to The Sunday Times, he said: ‘It’s like, do you know how much that costs? It’s so weird isn’t it, that there’s now an expectation that we’ll get married and have kids. I’m glad I’m not having to face those decisions.’

The 57-year-old stated he has never wanted to have children of his own, adding: ‘No. I mean, when I could have had them. I know older people who do have kids and good luck to them – I couldn’t.

‘And when I was young enough I certainly didn’t want them. They’d be dead!’

When asked if he had ever come ‘close’ to getting married, Graham responded: ‘Me? No, no. I suppose, in my head, I’ve met people that I thought I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, but they did not share that view.

‘You know, I think to get close to being married, two of you need to do it. So, no, I have not got close.’

Graham also revealed he has never wanted children of his own (Picture: BAFTA/Rex)

Graham is currently single, and hasn’t ruled out the idea of dating, but added it is ‘very much on the back burner’ due to the ongoing pandemic.

It’s been a busy time for the radio host, who recently made his debut on Virgin Radio after leaving BBC Radio 2.

Graham completely refused to hype himself up, telling listeners it’s ‘sadly [the] same old me,’ but admitted he was thrilled at the prospect of ‘pressing the buttons’.

Starting his show, he thanked early morning presenter Amy Voce for her introduction.

He said: ‘Yes, that is my name. Thank you very much to Amy for the last few hours.

‘So this is it, New station, new year, new show. Sadly same old me as the jingle indicated.

‘I am Graham Norton and I am here for the next three hours or so and tomorrow as well – fair warning.’


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