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Greg James’s hilarious birthday card to superfan, four years in the making

He might be four years late but you can’t criticise Greg James for never replying to his adoring fans, as he finally signed a long-awaited birthday card for one of his followers.

Finding a stack of forgotten mail this week, the Radio 1 Breakfast DJ documented some rather overdue letters he was meant to respond to, including one from a fan who asked the presenter to sign her sister’s birthday card.

Dated 2/20/16, Greg was asked whether he’d be so kind as to scrawl a message for Hannah for her then-upcoming 30th birthday.

Reading the letter, Hannah’s sister detailed her dedication to tuning into Greg on the radio.

According to Natalie, the letter’s author, Hannah listened to Greg’s show every day (not sure if she still did after she found out he snubbed her 30th birthday card…) when he was on the afternoon slot, and would ‘run into the house’ to make sure she didn’t miss a moment.

Hannah was also said to have donated to Greg’s charitable campaigns, so it only seemed fair she got a special birthday shout out, right?

Wanting to make sure all was not lost, Greg shared his message on Instagram, as he finally got around to the card.

He wrote: ‘Hannah! This is f**king ludicrous. For some reason, (because I’m useless) your sister’s letter got lost for FOUR YEARS.

‘I’m SO sorry!

‘But! Here we are! It’s happening! Hope your 30th/31st/32nd/33rd birthdays were great.

‘Lots of love, Greg James.’

Responding to handwriting critics, who felt his penmanship could have been improved, Greg added in the caption: ‘All the handwriting police can f**k right off.

‘NEWSFLASH: There aren’t house points for neatness in the real world, Susan. LET ME LIVE WITH MY MAD SQUIGGLES YOU BORING SQUARES.’

Hannah, who turned 34 on Friday, joined Greg on this show this week to chat about the hilarious development.

She added, according to Warrington Guardian: ‘It feels very 2020 to receive a birthday card four years late. I had a few messages from people telling me to check Greg James’s Instagram story.

‘I saw it around 1am while I was feeding my little boy and woke up this morning thinking it must have been a weird dream!’


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