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Jake Quickenden calls for police support as vile troll says ‘ugly’ son ‘should die’

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Jake Quickenden was forced to get the police involved after a vile troll said his ‘ugly son should die’.

The X Factor singer welcomed his first child, baby Leo, with girlfriend Sophie Church in February, with the newborn’s looks the subject of disgusting posts on social media.

Taking to Twitter on Friday, the dad-of-one revealed that the family had been bombarded with grim posts from an anonymous account, who went by the name: ‘Jake Quickenden baby is ugky [sic]’.

Among the disgusting messages was the tweet that little Leo ‘should die’ because he’s ‘ugly’.

‘Can someone from @EssexPoliceUK surely help this page is disgusting!! Need to find out who is behind it,’ Jake said while quote-tweeting the now-deleted account’s post concerning his baby.

‘You got problems…. F**king absolute disgrace!!!’

My Celebrity Life –

Jake has shared photos of baby Leo on social media (Picture: Instagram)

Fans quickly rallied around Jake and reported the page, with the reality star grateful for the support.

‘Thanks guys, you know what I can take some test giving me s**t, but there’s a line you don’t cross and wishing death on a baby is just crazy behaviour and whoever is behind it needs locking up, how in 2021 can we nit find out who are behind these fake accounts [sic],’ he continued.

‘I’d love to do a show where you work with the police to track down some of these racist and horrible trolls and knock on their door with the people they have trolled!!

‘@ITV @BBC surely this is doable and can help and show the effect these people have on others.’


Taking to his Instagram story, Jake later confirmed the Twitter account in question had been removed, and mocked the user for not even spelling his name right.

He added: ‘Honestly if you’re gonna troll at least spell my name right you absolute clowns!!!

‘This Twitter clown deleted after he was called out my many people… So thanks everyone I appreciate.’

The dad-of-one has previously opened up about the horrific abuse his son had received on social media – but vowed that this won’t deter him from posting adorable pictures of little Leo online.

Chatting to, he also explained that the majority of messages had actually come from mums.

‘Being in the public eye for as long as I have now, I got used to nasty comments about me and my personality, and I shouldn’t have to get used to it because it shouldn’t be happening,’ he told us.

‘I understand if somebody doesn’t like me, or I understand if somebody thinks I’m a little bit annoying, because I am.

‘But to say it about a baby who hasn’t really even got a personality yet, and to say nasty things about the way he looks, I couldn’t get my head around it. It made something boil inside of me, I just was so angry with it all.’

‘The comments have got a lot better,’ he continued. ‘Now he’s getting a little bit older and he’s growing into his body. A lot of the comments at first were like, “He’s ugly, he looks like an old man, why is his head like that?”

‘Somebody on the outside hasn’t got the right to make a judgment or a comment about somebody else’s kid. I couldn’t understand that.

‘More often than not, which is surprising to me, it’s the mums.

‘I’m thinking, God, you’ve been there, you’ve been a new parent and you know that it’s hard. We should be supporting each other. These are mums and they’ve got their own kids… It was a little bit surprising if I’m honest.’

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