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Jameela Jamil denies deleting old tweets, claiming it was a third-party app: ‘I stand by all the s**t I’ve said’

Jameela Jamil has explained why her tweets all disappeared (Picture: Stewart Cook/Variety/REX/Shutterstock)

Jameela Jamil has hit back after her tweets mysteriously disappeared, claiming it was a third party app rather than her who deleted them.

The actor, 34, took to Twitter to deny deleting her old tweets after being accused of ‘shying away from’ her past controversial exchanges on the site.

She shared a long statement on Twitter for those who had commented that her thousands of tweets over the years had disappeared.

It read: ‘I’ve been seeing for months now that my tweets keep being deleted. And it says that I have deleted them, when I haven’t.

‘And it’s made people on here think it’s me shying away from opinions or controversial exchanges I’ve had.

‘Especially when it’s happened over supportive tweets about the trans community, the disabled community, the Black community, or the fat community, to think that people think I have changed my mind and deliberately deleted those statements makes my blood boil.


‘I stand by all the s**t that I’ve said that has been helpful, and I stand (sorry and embarrassed) in front of all the s**t I got wrong, knowing it will always be behind me and that I can never delete it in anyone’s memory, and nor should I.’

She added that she then deleted her whole tweet history so she would be able to more easily identify which tweets were getting deleted and find out why.

Jameela added: ‘Turns out it was some third-party apps that had access to my account doing it all along.’

Jameela says she stands by all her old opinions and controversial exchanges (Picture: David Fisher/REX/Shutterstock)

Third-party apps are those built by external developers and which are not owned or operated by Twitter or the manufacturers of the device a person is using, and when connected to a Twitter account, have the permission to access and use a person’s Twitter account.

Jameela tweeted alongside her statement: ‘So boring, and irrelevant but also good for people to know this can happen.

‘Put two factor authentication on, use external password protection and monitor when third party apps you’ve given access to, (which you shouldn’t do) are entering your account without your permission.’

Mystery solved.


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