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Jamelia refuses to be ‘angry Black woman for entertainment’ as she reacts to Piers Morgan quitting Good Morning Britain

Jamelia has made it clear she will not pander to the ‘angry Black woman’ narrative for entertainment purposes as heated debates about racism continue across the country. 

In an Instagram live on Tuesday, the former Loose Women host reacted to Piers Morgan quitting Good Morning Britain after receiving 41,000 Ofcom complaints for saying he didn’t believe that Meghan Markle had considered suicide due to racial abuse.

Following her criticism of Piers earlier in the day, Jamelia told her Instagram followers: ‘For me it’s a step and it’s symbolic of something. For us, especially Black British females, it’s a step in the right direction.

‘This man should have gone long time, he has offended every single marginalised group in the UK. Every single one of them.’

She continued: ‘For me that is an assault on all these marginalised groups that he has attacked. Today what I thought was very telling was what, 30 seconds of criticism and you’re gone?

‘Do you not understand what these marginalised groups endure and have endured, continued to endure and still will today, tomorrow and the day after that have to endure, continue to endure. But these little 30 seconds you can’t take it? Don’t fling licks if you can’t take it back.’

‘I love the fact that we spoke out in our thousands… it took 41,000 complaints for this man to be taken off-screen,’ she added.

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Piers received 41,000 Ofcom complaints for his comments on Good Morning Britain (Picture: Ken McKay/ITV/REX)

Jamelia, 40, went on to explain that she now refuses to take part in debates that pit her against someone she believes to be racist just so broadcasters can ‘balance anti-racism with racism’.

‘Racism is not up for debate. What we are telling you is our experience, not our opinion,’ she stated.

Calling out the perpetuation of Black stereotypes, the Superstar singer added: ‘I’m not in that arena anymore. I’m not going to be the angry Black woman on live TV for your entertainment. Absolutely not.

‘I want to be able to show up for work and talk about my whole self and if my whole self is too much for you… then I don’t want no part of it.’

My Celebrity Life –
Jamelia says Piers leaving Good Morning Britain is a ‘step in the right direction’ (Picture: ITV/REX)

The presenter later recalled her experience on the Loose Women panel after leaving the talk show in 2016.

‘There are so many toxic environments that I have personally left and I feel 100 times better for it,’ she revealed.

Jamelia went on to explain: ‘Leaving ITV was one of the most difficult periods of my life and it has taken me years to get over that experience. But I am over it, let me be the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m not saying life is perfect but life is so much better not being in that building, in that environment.

‘I don’t know if things have changed, I hope to God that things have. I love to see my sisters, brothers and allies on the show, it’s just not for me at this moment in time.’

Piers, 55, continues to stand by his criticism of Meghan and has hinted at a return to TV.

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