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Jennifer Aniston marks Christmas 2020 with ‘Our First Pandemic’ tree decoration

Christmas 2020 is not one any of us are going to forget any time soon, but Jennifer Aniston has made sure she’ll remember it forever thanks to her custom tree decoration.

The former Friends actress, 51, shared a photo of one of her tree decorations which was a disk made of wood with the words ‘Our First Pandemic 2020’ engraved onto it.

Jennifer didn’t post any further explanation or comment on where she’d got the bauble commemorating the coronavirus pandemic and the worldwide shutdowns, but held it up on front of her Christmas tree for the photo.

The decoration didn’t go down well with all her fans, however, who were not impressed with the message.

Fans tweeted: ‘what was the reason??? plus she acting like we gonna have another one? “our first” miss girl it better be our LAST’.

Others added: ‘Celebrities really live in a different world’ and ‘They do. Thy aren’t affected by this at all. They still go out, travel, make money hang out. Then post stuff like this trying to seem like they relate w/ us and all it shows is that they don’t.’





Some couldn’t believe the bauble actually existed, writing: ‘You’re lying… this isn’t real?? I’m hallucinating aren’t i??’ and ‘why do would she think this was a good idea? why do celebrities not use logic? Why’.

Others defended the decoration as an example of Jen’s humour, adding: ‘Everyone’s dunking on her but I’m picking up on a sarcastic energy and lowkey I like it.’

Another fan wrote: ‘This was clearly meant with humour. Why are we giving this air with all the actual things in the world that we could be offended by? Don’t enable that faux rage in people, it’s not productive.’


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