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Jennifer Garner can barely talk in hot wings challenge as she sweats it out while trying to deliver baking hack

In a normal circumstance, we’re sure there’s nothing Jennifer Garner loves more than sharing a baking hack or two, but when she’s in the middle of a hot wings challenge, it’s probably the last thing she wants to do.

Case in point, Jennifer’s appearance on Hot Ones with Sean Evans that left her sweating it out and barely able to talk.

Sean is known for his hot wings challenge that sees celebrities sit and answer questions while trying out different levels of hot sauce.

The longer the chat goes on, the hotter the sauce gets and things got a little too spicy for Jen, with the actress, 48, looking pretty uncomfortable in a teaser clip she shared to Instagram.

In the video, Jennifer is seen tucking into a spicy wing and immediately trying to deal with the burning sensation as she paced around the room and attempted to breathe it all out.

‘Go-lly. Golly Ned,’ she laughed, while shifting in her seat and dabbing at her face with a towel.’

Wanting to get Jen talking, Sean asks her if she knows any ‘mind-blowing kitchen hacks’, with the 13 Going On 30 star firing back: ‘Up your butt, Sean.’

A good sport, though, Jennifer tried to deliver some of her handy baking tips – albeit stammering her way through.

‘Ok, let’s think about kitchen hacks, the only one I can think of is softening butter,’ she began while dabbing at her face and taking sharp breaths.

‘It is so important and vital that you start with ingredients at room temperature when you’re going to bake.’

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Jennifer dropped by to talk about her new movie Yes Day (Picture: Rex)

‘If you’ve got eggs that are cold from the fridge put them in a bowl of luke warm water,’ she said while fanning at her face and jumping up out of her seat.

Pacing around the room some more, she tried to carry on, but kept getting caught on her words as the heat got the better of her: ‘And if you need to soften butter right away and you don’t… you don’t want to wait at all, you can… you can… um… put it through a cheese grater.’

Trying to compose herself, she told Sean: ‘Just wish I could hug your neck… with my hand.’

Jennifer dropped by for a chat on the much-loved YouTube series to talk about her new Netflix movie Yes Day.

The film follows parents Allison (played by Jennifer) and Carlos Torres (Édgar Ramírez) who constantly feel like they tell their kids no, so they decided to give them 24 hours where they get to make the rules.

IRL, Jennifer is mum to three kids she shares with ex Ben Affleck; daughters Violet, 15, and Seraphina, 12, and son Samuel, nine.

In July, she was seen breaking down in tears while in lockdown, as she spoke about how her kids are coping in isolation during the coronavirus pandemic.

‘I feel so lucky, I’ve been in the luckiest possible circumstance. I have a roof, I have food, I have health, and so does my family. I have no complaints,’ she said during an Instagram live, before adding: ‘I’m really thinking about my kids and what their experience is going to be…

‘We have excellent teachers who can teach over Zoom, that is a one in a million possibility in this world and yet it’s also a depressing one.’

Sharing her worries, Jennifer got emotional as she said: ‘What is this year full of transitions going to look like, for kids, for my family? I think it’s easy to also focus on how lucky you are, and that is true and I do, and I am.

‘But you have to also let the other stuff be there at the same time. It has to co-exist. It is heavy, it’s heavy for everyone. How do kids… live in all this heaviness?’

Yes Day is available to stream on Netflix.

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