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Jeremy Clarkson’s daughter Emily refuses to let trolls stop her posting make-up and filter free selfies after skin comments

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Emily Clarkson had received lots of messages about her skin (Picture: Instagram)

Emily Clarkson has shared her skin journey with her followers on Instagram after receiving messages from ‘incel’ trolls.

Emily, 27, who is the daughter of Jeremy Clarkson, took to Instagram to tell her followers about the treatments she was having on her skin after developing spots, as well as to hit back at the trolls who targeted her about her appearance.

Sharing videos and photos without a filter or make-up on, Emily told her followers: ‘I went for a skin consultation and treatment today which I really want to talk about properly soon but basically my skin has never been amazing and it always got me down a bit.’

Emily revealed that her skin had worsened after having an operation earlier in the year which required her jaw to be broken and wired shut.

She explained: ‘It’s been worse since my op which isn’t really a surprise given how much metal is in there now but I’m 27 still waiting to “grow out” of getting spots and I just thought f**k it.

‘It was expensive and I put it off for YEARS thinking it was a ridiculous expense but I realised that not only is my skin getting me down but I keep buying different products for my skin and although @foreo_uk has made a huge different to like… the wrinkle side of things, I’ve still been breaking out.

My Celebrity Life –

Emily thinks the world is nolonger used to seeing blemishes in the ‘flawless’ Instagram age (Picture: @em_clarkson/Instagram)

‘So I felt like I was wasting loads of money and time and wanted to go and have it properly looked at and investigated and I already feel so much better to know that A) it’s nothing to do with my veg intake (thanks incels) and B) there’s stuff we can do to help!’

Emily attributed both the trolling and the messages that had been sent with good intentions to the fact that people are no longer used to seeing unfiltered photos and real skin on social media.

She added: ‘Interesting though because although I know I’ve never had amazing clear skin, I always just thought it was fine.

My Celebrity Life –

Emily had wanted to find out whether her recent operation or her coil might be causing her breakouts (Picture: @em_clarkson/Instagram)

‘But people comment on it allllll the time! The incels lol but also well meaning people giving me acne advice (I never had acne!) – I started to think omg ok is it way worse than I think lol why can everyone see something I can’t.’

She added that her doctor had explained to her that in reality, her skin was probably no worse than most people’s, but people rarely post without make-up or a filter to hide it.

Emily added: ‘Either way you know – I didn’t got and do this cos of the trolling, I went cos I wanted to know if it was my op or my coil or if I was just a moron at washing my face or if it was just who it was!

‘I want to treat my skin right cos it’s all I got and it’s my biggest organ and it needs love. So yeh! But the whole topic has interested me a lot – this idea that we are sooo unused to blemishes. Anyway I had a nice time and I feel hydrated and delighted x.’

She also researched the side-effects of her coil, one of which can be spots or acne, adding: ‘I’m overdue getting my coil out, this might be the kick up the a**e I need to get there x.’

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